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NoName057 Ransomware Attack Hits German, Ukrainian Sites | #ransomware | #cybercrime

The notorious NoName057 ransomware group has allegedly executed a series of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on various German websites. The affected entities in this NoName057 ransomware attack include prominent organizations such as Talanx, the Federal Office of Logistics and Mobility, Hamburger Feuerkasse, and the German Customs Administration.

The threat actor’s announcement of the NoName057 DDoS attack, disseminated through various channels, points to specific web addresses associated with their targets.

The post indicates difficulties accessing these sites, accompanied by error messages like “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” and “ERROR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.” The message suggests that NoName057 is claiming responsibility for disrupting the online presence of these organizations.

NoName057 Ransomware Attack Targets New Victims

NoName057 Ransomware Attack
Source: Twitter

The Cyber Express has proactively reached out to the implicated organizations regarding the NoName057 ransomware attack. As of the time of writing, no official statements or responses have been received, casting uncertainty over the veracity of the claims made by the threat actor. Despite the alleged cyberattacks, the affected websites currently appear to be operational, showing no immediate signs of compromise.

Adding to the escalating concerns, NoName ransomware group continues its onslaught by claiming responsibility for a series of DDoS attacks on Ukrainian government websites. The targets include notable entities such as Accordbank, Zaporizhzhya Titanium-Magnesium Plant, State Tax Service, Central Interregional Tax Administration, Western Interregional Tax Administration, and the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service in Kyiv.

The NoName057 Ransomware DDoS Attack Spree

The dark web leak portal of the NoName ransomware group features a list of their latest DDoS attack victims, with screenshots circulating on social media platforms. The message on the dark web post ominously declares, “We continue to nightmare Ukrainian sites (evil emoji)”, reported TCE

These developments highlight the growing threat of ransomware groups as they expand their cyber operations beyond German borders. The motives behind these attacks remain unclear, prompting speculation about the group’s intent and choice of targets.

As organizations and cybersecurity experts grapple with the new and emerging tactics of threat actors like NoName057, it becomes important to enhance cyber defenses and collaborate on a global scale to mitigate the impact of such malicious activities.

This is an ongoing story and The Cyber Express is closely monitoring the situation. We’ll update this post once we have more information on the NoName057 ransomware attack or any official confirmation from the listed organizations.

Media Disclaimer: This report is based on internal and external research obtained through various means. The information provided is for reference purposes only, and users bear full responsibility for their reliance on it. The Cyber Express assumes no liability for the accuracy or consequences of using this information.

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