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Nonprofit fighting school violence shuts down due to lack of funding and support | The e-Texan | #schoolsaftey

The Uvalde Foundation For KidsPhoto byThe Uvalde Foundation For Kids – official website

Sources used in this article: Dallas Metro News, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids – press release

Dallas, Texas – In the wake of the tragic school violence event in Uvalde, Texas, in May 2022, a philanthropic organization known as The Uvalde Foundation For Kids emerged to combat the growing issue.

This 501c3 nonprofit foundation dedicated itself to mitigating the increasing wave of violence in schools throughout the country. However, it sadly announced its impending closure last Friday, due to a significant lack of financial and community support, Dallas Metro News reported.

The foundation’s representatives revealed several financial reasons leading to the unfortunate decision to cease operations. The organization was primarily strained by a lack of donations, minimal community involvement, and its policy of not charging fees or requesting donations for its varied services.

For more information on the closure and a thoughtful message from The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, visit the following URL: https://www.theuvaldefoundation.com/post/a-note-from-our-founder.

The foundation has tirelessly worked to eliminate school violence through a range of programs across schools and communities throughout the US. Their efforts to address issues such as bullying, gun violence, and mental health have been essential in the aftermath of the Uvalde tragedy. The organization’s founder, Daniel Chapin, candidly described the daunting challenge as a “culture of violence” threatening our nation’s young students.

One notable achievement of the organization was an invitation to speak at a special session of the Nashville Metro Council held on June 21st. This session, which focused on school violence, was called in response to a disturbing incident at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids has remained consistently active in offering needed support after school shooting incidents nationwide. The organization’s involvement ranged from incidents at Michigan State University to the Allen, Texas mall shooting, and the event at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia. With its impending closure, there will undoubtedly be a void in the collective fight against the escalating issue of school violence.

The founder of the nonprofit noted: “I am heartbroken as are we collectively within the foundation to announce that we will no longer be in operation after just over a year of service to our nation’s schools & communities. While our mission for now is forced to end, I am confident that we honored our vision and goal after that tragic day in Uvalde, Texas.”

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