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Datasense Technical Director Chris Lambert (Photo: Submitted)

The work of the EMCRC is to raise awareness of the very real threat of cybercrime for local companies. With cybercrime on the rise no business can afford to be complacent when it comes to keeping their IT systems secure as possible. Chris Lambert has been protecting businesses for over 20 years and is a committed advocate of cyber security. Over the past two decades he has gathered a wealth of experience and is now one of the most trusted experts in cybersecurity in the region. No wonder then that the EMCRC asked Datasense Consulting Ltd, and Chris in particular, to join their advisory panel.

Through their work with IT systems management, cyber security reviews, resilience planning, and data compliance, the Datasense team keep well ahead of the curve when it comes to IT protection. Technical Director, Chris Lambert, is passionate about the need for more awareness of the importance of cyber security. In his role as an IT specialist he has seen first hand the damage even a small attack can cause. To some businesses it can even be a blow from which they never recover.

“Data is at the heart of almost every business” Chris says, “Not only that but you have a legal responsibility to do everything you can to protect your data from threats. Sadly, many of the attacks we see are the result of a lack of awareness. Cybercrime is not like you see in the movies where a genius hacker is at work in a darkened room, most attacks are just criminals looking for easy ways to get into your system. With a little awareness and some sensible precautions, they will fail. The best way to stop criminals in their work is to be ready for the attack.”

Datasense Consulting Ltd (Photo: Submitted)

Datasense Consulting Ltd (Photo: Submitted)

The EMCRC advisory group is a collaboration of academics, law enforcement and local business with the aim of staying ahead of the criminals. To be invited to be a part of the panel is a testament to the work Datasense have done to help local businesses protect themselves and Chris is committed to aiding the EMCRC in its ongoing work.

Colin Ellis, Managing Director, and Police Lead at the EMCRC added:

“I am delighted to welcome Datasense and their technical director Chris lambert to our Advisory Group.

“Chris is passionate about Northamptonshire’s business community and of course cyber security. The insight he will bring will be really helpful for us to help hone our message to reach and positively engage with Northamptonshire organisations. Welcome aboard.”

The East Midlands Cyber Resilience centre (Photo: Submitted)

The East Midlands Cyber Resilience centre (Photo: Submitted)

The East Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre is a fantastic resource and, with the guidance of the advisory panel members such as Chris, it will help make life easier for local businesses when it comes to data protection and make things a lot harder for the cyber criminals.

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