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Norton Preps Parents with Crash Course in Best Back-to-School Practices | #schoolsaftey

Less Than Half of Families Surveyed Trust School Tech Policies and Security Measures

TEMPE, Ariz. and PRAGUE, Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As parents send kids back to school, many face growing concerns around the safety of their children. While the majority of parents (70%) believe they know enough to keep their families safe online, nearly a third do not think schools are doing enough to educate and protect children from online threats and less than half trust school technology policies. Norton, a consumer Cyber Safety brand of Gen (NASDAQ: Gen) today released expert tips to help families have a safe, informed return to the classroom. 

“We have a passion for creating the products and resources that students and their families need to stay Cyber Safe,” said Leena Elias, Chief Product Officer at Gen. “Whether it’s securing students’ devices with the powerful protection of Norton 360 or helping parents foster healthy digital habits with Norton Family, we are here to help the whole family to be safe so they can focus on learning and thriving.” 

Secure Your Devices 
Securing your device is a critical aspect of online safety. Norton takes the guesswork out of getting the protection the whole family needs to stay safe online with Norton 360 plans that come with Norton Family parental controls and a VPN, or virtual private network, to help secure private information while using public Wi-Fi. Installing reliable security software, keeping it up to date, and using strong, unique passwords can significantly reduce the risk of cyber threats. Additionally, enabling two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information. 

Understand Your School Tech Policy
Norton encourages students and parents to familiarize themselves with their school’s tech policies. By understanding these policies, which outline acceptable use and potential risks, students can navigate the virtual landscape confidently and responsibly. Norton advises students to follow these policies and report any suspicious activity or policy violations to school administrators immediately. 

Check School Communication App Privacy Settings
With technology more pervasive than ever in and out of classrooms, it is vital for students and parents to understand the privacy settings in school communication applications such as Clever, Classroom Dojo, and Slack. These platforms often store personal information and facilitate interactions between students, teachers, and parents. Norton advises families to review and optimize their privacy settings to control the visibility of personal data and ensure that only intended recipients have access to sensitive information. 

Familiarize Yourself with Threats like Phishing 
Phishing attacks continue to be a common threat in the digital world. Norton advises parents to educate themselves about phishing techniques and share this knowledge with their children. Teaching children how to spot phishing emails, texts, or suspicious websites can prevent them from falling victim to scams and malicious activities online. Last month, Norton launched Phictionary, a dictionary that breaks down real threats and explains how to spot and keep safe from cyber-attacks. 

Talk to Your Kids about Online Safety 
Norton suggests using The Smart Talk, an interactive tool designed by Norton and National PTA for parents to facilitate dialogues about online behavior, privacy, and the responsible use of technology. By engaging in open and honest discussions, parents can guide their children in making informed decisions online.  

“Our kids are increasingly relying on technology at school, so it is crucial to prioritize online security and protect personal information,” said Krista Todd, Chief Marketing Officer at Gen. “Our family of trusted Cyber Safety brands are here to empower families with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a safe digital learning environment at every age.” 

Cyber Safety can also be part of the school curriculum with the help of Discovery Education’s My Digital Life site, which offers tools and resources for educators to help inspire the digital citizen in every student. Sign up for program updates and stay tuned for the release of upcoming educator resources available next month.  

In today’s digital age, Cyber Safety is a critical aspect of preparing children for the school year. Norton is committed to ensuring a safe and secure online learning environment for students. By following these Cyber Safety tips, students and parents can minimize the risks associated with online activities and focus on educational opportunities. 

For more information and resources on Cyber Safety practices, visit norton.com.   

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