Not interested in E-voting, Norway said

Online voting has not come up with an appealing idea to the Norway government. The government tried the online voting system and now refusing to use it after two years of trial.
The online voting does not change any scenario of the electoral turnout and people only expect too much from it due to their political disagreement, which is not good for the democratic environment in the country, Office of Modernization told.
With these outcomes by the Norway government, this is an example set for those, who want to use it in future. The office has decided that they will not be using this system any more.
Whereas, in Estonia, the system is working with high capability and they are satisfied with the results too. Estonia has been using this system since 2005.

When talking about US, the experts there have said that it is a dangerous system for the veracity of the US electoral procedure. The experts have  real  doubts that the privacy and transparency will ever come into this system in near future.

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