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Tinder is much more than just a dating app, according to Taru Kapoor, General Manager, India, Tinder and Match Group.

More than half of Tinder’s users are in the 18-25 age bracket, and over 90 percent of the app’s users are between the ages of 18 and 30.

She reveals that people have not just found romantic connections and friendships through the app but also important resources.

From co-founders, employees, designers, accountants, and band members, to even plasma and blood donors during COVID-19 second wave — the app is fostering human connections of all kinds.

“Tinder is what you make of it. Especially the younger folks, they are a creative hacker generation, that’s what I call them. They will take it and make a platform and a tool of what they want to do and we see those stories every single day,” Taru said while appearing on YourStory’s Human Beyond Resources show.

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Ever since the rise of audio streaming apps, India has witnessed a boom in audio consumption across podcasts, audiobooks, original audio series, talk shows, etc., over the last two years. Various reports estimate that India has 150 million daily listeners.

One of the defining trends in the audio-streaming sector is community engagement. Riding on the wave is homegrown social music app Humit. Read more.

Startup Spotlight

A healthtech startup providing pre and post-surgical care

With over seven years of experience in global healthcare systems, Prem Sharma found a serious gap when it comes to aftercare. Many patients he spoke with needed acute care after undergoing surgery or another major procedure, and they said that they were told very little about the rules and instructions for postoperative care.

This was the tipping point for the serial entrepreneur as he realised the severity of the situation, and joined the MIT incubator in late 2018, marking the official start of ?DayToDay Health?. Read more.

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“I think humanity at its core is great, human beings actually like helping each other for most parts… Tinder becomes just the tool and the facilitator.”

— Taru Kapoor, General Manager, India, Tinder and Match Group

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