#NotGoingtoBrazil hits Twitter: a campaign against 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Protests against the FIFA World Cup 2014 to be held in Brazil has now turned to Twitter to garner support against the World Cup expenditure of nearly US$11 billion, which could have been otherwise used to address the prevalent poverty and its related issues in Brazil, according to media reports.

Going with the hashtag, “I am not going to Brazil because…” [#NoVoyABrasilPorque], it first appeared on Thursday in Colombia, and the tweet went viral soon.

A user tweeted,

“Poverty that exists in this country demonstrates that it is not worth supporting the World Cup,” “I [love] football. I [do not love] the World Cup of Inequality Brazil 2014,” said another tweet from InspirAction, a Spanish human rights foundation


Sao Paulo’s subway workers declared an indefinite strike last week against the government policies and asking for a pay rise among other demands.

The protest is basically against the huge amount spent on the world cup preparation that could have been better utilized to provide basic amenities to Brazilians, like low-income housing, schools, hospitals.

Lack of enthusiasm is quite obvious on sidewalks, squares and corner cafes. Marked by conspicuous absence of yellow and green collage, a hallmark of Brazilian passion for the game, the atmosphere appears despondent.

“People are disgusted. Nobody wants to spend money on something now associated with waste and corruption,” says Mariana Faria, a central Rio de Janeiro party supply store owner and added that the sales are 40 percent lower than the last World Cup held at South Africa four years ago.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, called the protest a propaganda against the FIFA and her party.

“Today, there is a systematic campaign against the World Cup – or rather, it is not against the World Cup but rather a systematic campaign against us,” she said.

She added that those who are protesting are undermining her party’s efforts; modernized airports and transport infrastructure will further help Brazil in future.

“We are a people that will welcome the tourist not with violence, but with affection,” said the president in a speech at Rio’s international airport.

Her viewpoint is supported by supermarket magnate Abilio Diniz, who recently aired his views in an op-ed piece,

“we should take advantage of global attention to show the grandiosity and opportunities of Brazil, not our problems.” 

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