NSA harvested data on millions but spied on just 248 Americans

Since Snowden’s leaks regarding NSA’s surveillance act we are quite clear regarding the fact that NSA has been spying over masses. But, a recent transparency report has proved it all wrong. It states: NSA’s reach is too small; it esquires less than 30 percent of total Americans’ call records.

Furthermore, NSA’s surveillance act only lasts over a mere 248 people. It rejects all the claims of mass surveillance reported by different individuals and sources. Alan butler, a lawyer at Electronic Privacy information states:

“This transparency report is significant because it shows for the first time on an annual basis both targets of business-record orders and the number of US persons specifically targeted with these metadata queries.”


NSA, though, previously has been defending its tactics of mass surveillance and has been stating their broad scope as a reason for gathering all such data. NSA’s deputy says:

“It needs to be the whole haystack,” NSA deputy director John C. Inglis told Congress in October. “It needs to be such that when you make a query you come away confident that you have the whole answer.”

However, this transparency report confirms the fact that NSA has been involved in some sort of surveillance in U.S. Although, 248 is quite a small figure in comparison to what assumed earlier.

Providing an exact estimation on how many people are affected from this program is somewhat difficult due to legal complexity as NSA in its report quoted 1767 orders affecting 1144 people. But, these orders can be individuals, organizations, groups or anything else meaning a large sum of people may be getting affected without being reported.

FBI also quoted some requests to attain phone numbers from NSA. 19, 212 letters were issued to NSA to attain different phone records while 38,832 requests for information were sent. So, all in all there isn’t any likely number yet for the number of people being affected from this surveillance act. Critics will though carry on working on ways to find out the exact the number of being affected and the route way to the surveillance program.

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