NSA wants reorganization as an year completed to Snowden exposures

A year has passed when Snowden first made the revelations about the spying by NSA. At the start of second year, the Microsoft has demanded from the NSA to modify its regulations about the spying on the consumers outside the USA.

The Microsoft urged NSA to keep its paws in the borders of USA only otherwise it would impact its business. The Microsoft also said that there are still many loopholes there, which are created by the US government. We want the government to utilize the warrant before they look into the public information of the clients, which are based outside the USA.

This is very clear to everyone that the NSA is intersecting into the data centers and hacking the links.  The suggestions of surveillance NSA wants reorganization as an year completed to Snowden exposuresare being told to the USA government continuously that they must not get into the links of the companies and in the data of Yahoo plus Google too.

Another company Cisco wrote to the US President that if this practice will continue then the consumers would lose their trust on the US companies.


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