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Delving into the dynamic strategies of NTT DATA, Inc. in the Indian market, the company navigates the evolving technology landscape. From pioneering sustainability initiatives and enhancing digital security to bridging the digital divide, Divya Jain, Vice President, Sales, NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India, sheds light on NTT DATA, Inc.’s multifaceted approach and its vision for the future in the rapidly changing technological landscape of India.

What key strategies or innovations is NTT DATA, Inc. implementing in the Indian market to address the evolving technology landscape and meet the growing demands of businesses and consumers?

With the widespread digitisation of operations across various sectors, including international MNCs, financial institutions, R&D companies, e-commerce marketplaces, OTT entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare, there is a significant surge in the demand for AI and ML-powered workloads in India. As a prominent player in the Indian data center market, NTT DATA, Inc. has established considerable flexibility and capability to facilitate the convenient and swift deployment and operation of workloads for enterprises in these sectors. This specialised capacity building involves high-density racks and robust computing infrastructure.

NTT DATA, Inc. remains adaptable by incorporating new technologies like Liquid Immersion Cooling and Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC) to address the specific demands of Indian data centers. Another strategic innovation to meet the growing demand involves interconnecting all its data center facilities across India. The Data Center Interconnect (DCI) capabilities enable the provision of Tier-I connectivity to all NTT DATA, Inc. data centers within India. Furthermore, NTT DATA, Inc. has established a sub-sea cable system called MIST that connects Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Thailand.

As India’s No.1 Data center provider, (451 Research Report 2023), NTT DATA, Inc. has also been recognised in the Leadership quadrant of the IDC Market Share Report 2021.

How is NTT DATA, Inc. working to bridge the digital divide and promote digital inclusion in India, especially in underserved areas or communities?

We are focusing on taking the internet and digital infrastructure coverage outside the Metro and Tier-I cities by building Edge data centers in Tier-II cities which will lead to parity of digital access and inclusion in the country. Today, we work with enterprises from all parts of the country, many of which are in smaller towns and rural regions.

This has given us a lot of understanding of the needs of communities which are economically and socially underprivileged. We are not only taking steps from the strategic perspective to enhance their digital coverage, but from time to time, we undertake CSR activities such as spreading digital literacy, working with educational institutions such as schools in the underprivileged areas to distribute devices that can help bridge
the divide and create a more digitally inclusive India. These are initiatives that will continue to witness greater scale of coverage as we go along.

With the increasing focus on cybersecurity, how is NTT DATA, Inc. contributing to enhancing digital security and privacy for businesses and individuals in India?

NTT DATA, Inc. has put a lot of emphasis on cybersecurity for the businesses as well as individual users. We have created advanced security solutions for all industries especially highly sensitive businesses such as the BFSI enterprises which extensively run digital operations and deal with crucial financial and individual data of the customers. All the services that we provide are secure-by-design, and we believe in making security a key component of product development and not an optional add on at later stages.

We mitigate 2 billion security threats every year. Our extensive experience enables us to identify the key vulnerabilities and threat vectors present in the current scenario, and we proactively integrate best-in-class tools and practices to ensure that every product we deliver to our clients does not compromise on security from our end.

Could you share insights on NTT DATA, Inc.’s sustainability initiatives and its role in promoting eco-friendly, responsible practices within the technology sector in India?

NTT DATA, Inc. has been one of the leading companies in India when it comes to sustainability initiatives. We have committed to achieving net-zero emissions from our data center operations by 2030, as well as the overall value chain by 2040, and are gradually moving towards achieving that goal. We are steadily increasing the renewable energy integration in our operations, and the journey that started initially by procuring green energy from suppliers, has now expanded into establishment of NTT DATA, Inc.’s own solar, and wind power generation plants to expedite the transition.

Further, we are also using the most advanced and energy-efficient equipment in our data centers such as the chillers, dampers, and we are the first data center operator in the country to introduce Liquid Immersion Cooling as well as Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC) technologies in our data centers. These are all environment friendly approaches which will gradually become the benchmarks for NTT DATA, Inc. as well as the industry standards of eco-friendly operations in the future of the data center industry.

Divya Jain
Vice President, Sales
NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, what do you envision as the most significant opportunities and challenges for NTT DATA, Inc. in India over the next 12 months, and how do you plan to address them?

The digital environment in India is rapidly changing and expanding. One of the most impactful recent developments has been the introduction of the Data Protection Bill which will have a major impact on our industry. Now that the enterprises operating in India are mandated to store crucial customer data within the country, we see a greater growth opportunity for data center demand.

Further, the rising cybersecurity challenges especially in the AI era are going to be another major focus area. There is a lot of automation and flexibility that the cybercriminals now have, and it also provides us with an opportunity to integrate AI into various monitoring and response tools which can automate and ensure continuous as well proactive cybersecurity response for our clients.


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