NZ software in international crime hunt

The US task force involving 92 law enforcement organizations is hunting members of the notorious Felony Lane Gang which has used stolen identities to defraud banks and individuals.

Technology developed by New Zealand firm Wynyard collates information such as emails, social media posts to create profiles of illegal activity.

Wynyard chief executive Craig Richardson said New Zealand police are already using similar software, which allowed officers to share information more easily.

“What it’s doing is enabling law enforcement agencies and front line officers to have access to information real time that’s relevant to the problems they’re trying to solve.

“So we’re seeing law enforcement agencies worldwide retool with modern technology to allow them to fight more sophisticated crime networks.

Mr Richardson said his company’s program quickly analyzed large amounts of data.

“The amount of data that’s being generated and that can be useful is is not really humanly possible to process.

“Some things are simple … like the reporting of in this case ‘smash-and-grabs’ which are theft of identies, and then there are also the activities around cashing fraudulent cheques.”