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OBION COUNTY, TN — A simple 5 gallon bucket is serving as an extra safety measure in a school system in the Local 6 area.

Obion County Schools is adding one bucket filled with emergency supplies in each classroom.

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The buckets are full of supplies that can help in many different emergency situations. It could be anything from a natural disaster to an active shooter situation.

In all, 300 buckets are making their way to classrooms across the district. 


Obion County Schools Resource Officer Supervisor Sgt. Jonathan Reyna and School Health Coordinator Chasity Homra made this project their priority. They and Obion County SROs filled the buckets on Monday. 

The reaction has been positive from the SROs, as well as the teachers. 

Reyna said they’re preparing for the unknown as best they can.

“As you know, safety requirements are increasing across the state and across the country. Due to all these unfortunate events, we’re just trying to stay one step ahead of the game,” he said.  

Some of the items include toilet paper, water, flashlights, fire blankets, first aid kits and more.


Obion County Schools Resource Officer Supervisor Sgt. Jonathan Reyna said they’re preparing for the unknown as best they can.

Lowe’s donated the buckets. Walmart helped fund the supplies, and Homra applied for grant money.

Each classroom in the district gets a bucket.

There are items in every situation, from excessive, severe bleeding to students having medical episodes.

“We have students that are diabetic. They’re locked down for several hours in a room. How are they going to treat themselves if the nurse’s office is nowhere near?” Reyna said.

There are glucose packets, food tablets and even period products to be used in the event of an emergency. 


The bucket can also serve as a bathroom in an emergency situation when students or teachers cannot get to the restroom.

The blue buckets will be in classrooms from pre-kindergarten to high school, so children of all ages will be able to use the supplies. 

“Let’s say they can’t get ahold of anyone — we’ve had an earthquake, right? Can’t hear them ‘cause the room collapsed around them, right? But a whistle here, any child can pick up a whistle and make a noise with it right? And emergency and first responders can hear them,” Reyna said. 

He’s excited about the project and ready to get the buckets in the classrooms.

“It’s another measure of security and safety for the students, something at their disposal to use in a situation,” he said. 

Obion County teachers will receive the buckets at their in-service training before the school year begins.

They will also be trained to use some of the supplies, like bleed-stop. It’s a powder that can stop excessive bleeding.

Currently, the buckets are only going into classrooms. The next step is to get more buckets for the common areas of the school, such as the cafeteria and library.

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