Ocean City Fire Department hosts fire safety demonstration at Ocean City Elementary School | #schoolsaftey

OCEAN CITY, Md –  The Ocean City Fire Department highlighted fire safety and prevention at an event at Ocean City Middle School Tuesday, with the aim of teaching kids how to respond in the case of an emergency.

“Kids learn by both learning, hearing, and doing, so, one of the things that the fire safety message out here, whether it be in the fire safety house or around the fire trucks, is kind of re-instilling that message, so they practice what they learn in the classroom,” said Salisbury Deputy Chief Josh Bunting.

Bunting tells 47ABC those messages include knowing 2 paths of exit from your home, making sure students know their address when calling 911, and knowing to never re-enter a home during a fire.

“Looking out for fire hazards in the home, cooking hazards, things like that, but also what to do in the unfortunate event that there is a fire in their home primarily knowing their way out,” Bunting.

The event also featured a firehouse trailer, that was filled with fake smoke to help kids learn to get low and find windows in case of emergencies.

“The last thing we want to do is have to make a rescue, so we would much prefer it if there’s an event. In the unfortunate event, you have a fire at your house, We’d love for that life safety issue to be gone that people have already gotten out,” Bunting said that quick exit is key as oftentimes fires can spread faster than residents expect.

Students say it was a fun-filled day with lessons they won’t soon forget.

“We learned if you see anything in your house tell a parent, and so when you’re waiting there outside, the fire department shows tell them how it happened and when,” said 4th grader Kaleigh Wessman.

Bunting says the students will also be bringing home “homework” for parents including testing fire alarms and making sure all sprinkler systems in and around the home are up to code.




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