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[Sydney, Australia & Auckland, New Zealand, Monday 5th June 2023] – Oh Flossy Natural Kids Makeup, a leading provider of safe and fun makeup products for children, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Logical Toys, a renowned distributor of innovative and educational toys, to represent the Oh Flossy brand in the New Zealand market.


Oh Flossy Natural Kids Makeup offers a unique range of high-quality, natural makeup products specifically designed for children. With a commitment to safety, Oh Flossy ensures that all their products are made from child-friendly ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, and suitable for young, sensitive skin. Their products not only allow children to explore their creativity but also promote confidence and self-expression.


Logical Toys, known for their dedication to providing safe, educational, and entertaining toys, shares a similar vision with Oh Flossy. This partnership will enable Logical Toys to expand its product portfolio and offer Oh Flossy’s range of kid-friendly makeup to their customers throughout New Zealand. By introducing Oh Flossy products to the market, Logical Toys aims to enhance children’s imaginative play and encourage safe, creative exploration.


“We are delighted to partner with Logical Toys to bring Oh Flossy Natural Kids Makeup to the children of New Zealand,” said Vanessa Neyman, Owner & Director at Oh Flossy. “Logical Toys’s reputation for excellence and commitment to child safety align perfectly with our values. Together, we will provide children with the opportunity to engage in creative play while ensuring their well-being.”


“We are excited to join forces with Oh Flossy Natural Kids Makeup,” said Heidi Heyman, Chief Toy Officer at Logical Toys. “Their range of natural and safe makeup products fills a unique niche in the market, and we are confident that New Zealand parents and children will appreciate their commitment to quality and safety. We look forward to introducing Oh Flossy’s products to our customers and expanding their reach in our market.”


The partnership between Oh Flossy Natural Kids Makeup and Logical Toys marks an exciting chapter for both companies, as they aim to bring the joy of safe and imaginative play to children across New Zealand. With Oh Flossy’s creative and vibrant products, children can explore their imagination, develop their artistic skills, and build confidence, all while using safe and natural makeup.


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About Oh Flossy Natural Kids Makeup:

Oh Flossy Natural Kids Makeup is a leading provider of safe and fun makeup products for children. Their range of natural makeup allows children to express their creativity while ensuring their safety. Oh Flossy is committed to offering high-quality products that are free from harmful chemicals and suitable for young, sensitive skin. For more information, visit


About Logical Toys Ltd:

Logical Toys Ltd is a renowned distributor of innovative and educational toys in New Zealand. The company is committed to providing safe, entertaining, and educational toys that enhance children’s development and creativity. Logical Toys Ltd’s dedication to child safety and quality aligns perfectly with their mission to promote imaginative play. For more information, visit


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