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Paul Kiska, Jennifer Jordan, and Celeste Houmard

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Ohio Lottery officials are still dealing with a “cyber security incident” that happened on Christmas Eve that impacted some of its “internal applications.”

State investigators, who look into cyber attacks, are investigating the incident and law enforcement was notified.

“The integrity of our games is the top priority of the Ohio Lottery, and we assure the public the gaming system is fully operational,” according to a statement. “In the interim, prize claims can still be mailed to the Ohio Lottery Central Office.” Click here for more details on how to claim.

FOX 8 reporter Jennifer Jordan asked why the Ohio Lottery, of all places, is being attacked.

“We’re starting to see a trend,” said GuidePoint Senior Security Consultant Christopher Warner. “Maybe they think they can hack their way into a winning number and then win the lottery.”

Warner said the disturbing trend could possibly lead to games being compromised and theft of consumer information.

“Obviously the app on your phone when you’re buying lottery tickets, that’s taking personal information,” he said.

The Ohio Lottery statement also said that winning numbers for KENO, Lucky One and EZPLAY Progressive Jackpots are not available on their website or mobile app, but can be checked at any Ohio Lottery Retailer.

According to a statement from the Ohio Lottery on Dec. 28, “While the cybersecurity incident investigation is ongoing, the State wants to reiterate that if any consumer data was compromised, it will take all measures to assist with credit monitoring to protect Ohioans. We will notify all known affected individuals as quickly as possible and in accordance with applicable laws.”

According to that statement, the cybersecurity incident did not involve any Ohio Lottery games or the technology systems that the lottery operates on.

“The integrity of our games is the top priority, and it is safe to continue to purchase tickets,” the statement continued.

The Ohio Lottery said Winning tickets over $599 can be mailed to the Ohio Lottery Central Office in Cleveland for payment.

“The Lottery is working diligently to restore all cashing options in the very near future. Consumers have 180 days to claim their prize from the drawing date or the date the scratch-off game is scheduled to close,” the statement said.


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