Okemos parents push for more school zone safety | #schoolsaftey

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -“I just as a person driving on that street at that time of day has known it’s not a secret that it’s a really dangerous place to be,” said Tasha Warren-Yehuda.

A dangerous road that middle school students cross every day after class. Kinawa drive and Okemos Road are busy streets and for Tasha Warren-Yehuda, the unimaginable happened to her son.

“I didn’t process that he had actually gotten hit by a car because it just is so unthinkable to me that he would get hit by a car,” said Warren-Yehuda.

She says her son always crosses the street using the crosswalk. Although on September 15th, a driver used the center turn lane to avoid school traffic. Striking her son who is now recovering at home from injuries to his head and ankle.

“It was just a completely surreal experience to see all the responders there, the police and the ambulances, and everyone just they are to respond to your child who’s laying on the road,” said Warren-Yehuda.

“If that safety island had been there, which is part of the recommendation, it would prevent that sort of we call that a drive around crash I think that’s what it’s called,” said Tim Potter.

Accidents like this is why Tim Potter is encouraging the township to invest in new road designs to keep kids safe. By using a federal program called Safe Routes to School.

Meridian Township Police Chief Rick Grillo says their concern is making sure school zones are safe.

“If you’re going to be driving on Kinawa Drive anytime in the morning or afternoon and your plan isn’t to drop kids off at the school you may want to find a different route,” Chief Rick Grillo.

Warren-Yehuda says she hopes more accidents like this doesn’t have to happen in the future.

“I hope that this can be the signal that we need to do something urgently because next time the parent like myself who showed up at that scene might not have the same outcome,” said Warren-Yehuda.

Meridian township will be holding a board meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. where they are expected to discuss these school safety zones.

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