Oklahoma Computer hacker pleads guilty in Texas case

An Oklahoma City man faces up to 10 years in prison for a computer hacking attempt targeting a cybersecurity company.

Benjamin Earnest Nichols remains free on bond pending sentencing in federal court in Dallas. The 37-year-old Nichols pleading guilty Tuesday to knowingly causing transmission of a program or code to a protected computer.

Prosecutors say Nichols in 2010 tried to hack into a computer system, causing security issues and up to $6,500 in losses.

Nichols was part of a hacking group that include Jesse McGraw, an ex-security guard at a medical complex in Dallas.

McGraw was accused of hacking into clinic systems that controlled climate and ventilation for patients, medications and other computers. McGraw in 2010 pleaded guilty to transmission of malicious code and received a nine-year prison term.

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