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Okmulgee County Sheriff Explains Compliance Check Requirements For Sex Offenders Following Okmulgee Murder-Suicide | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice says his department is responsible for keeping up with around 50 sex offenders. One thing they must do is compliance checks.

Once a sex offender leaves the custody of the Department of Corrections, it falls on the sheriff’s office to do compliance checks on offenders like Jesse McFadden.

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“We’ll request to go in to make sure that they actually live there. Maybe we’d like to see a bill with their name on it, things like that,” Sheriff Rice said. 

McFadden served 17 years of his 20-year sentence for raping an underage girl. The Department of Corrections said he was a level four when he was released from prison. Many question McFadden’s early release from prison and his compliance checks after he murdered six and then killed himself.

“With each of these levels come credits. So, a credit a day so one credit equals one day of their sentence that can be reduced level three is 33, level four is 44,” Steve Harpe, director of the Department of Corrections said.

Despite being a lifetime sex offender, the Okmulgee County Sheriff said McFadden didn’t have to let deputies inside his home for the required checks.

“The individuals have to consent to everything because we have no jurisdiction of a crime that’s been committed until we have a crime that’s been committed basically,” Sheriff Rice said.

Sheriff Rice said a compliance check isn’t the same as a search warrant. It only confirms residency.

“If they don’t show us the basics that they are living there then we’re going to submit to the D.A. of a non-compliance,” Sheriff Rice said.

Investigators believe McFadden shot and killed his wife and three children along with two girls who were spending the weekend with the family. According to the law, registered sex offenders are allowed to live with their own children and stepchildren as long as they are not a victim of the offender.

News 9 is still waiting on the sheriff’s office to send us records of McFadden’s compliance checks.

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