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So, I have a old wii that my family have had for a while that has Homebrew on it (specifically the channel is downloaded) and a couple days ago i thought i would look through the old stuff and try to update and tweak it a bit but i ran into many problems.

1. Online updates and Internet connection
2. Updating Homebrew channel
3. Overwriting CIos

For online updates and internet I would like to enable internet and download riiconnect and all that but when I go to do so, it prompts me immediantly with a system update, and i choose close so it doesn’t do so because i don’t want to brick the wii or mess it up as I would like to do everything while keeping as much data as possible. I installed Priiloader and turned on block online updates but I still don’t know what to do.

For the updating of Homebrew channel, its running on rev4 and i would have just updated it from the menu but I need internet to do so and would like to know how to o so manually if possible.

When i was going through the homebrew guide and checking whatever i went to download the recommended Cios and there were already slots filled that i needed to overwrite, shoudl I overwrite it or leave it as I don’t want any channels or anything to get fucked up.

Throughout this entire process I also want to keep all game data as much as possible.


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