One hour is all it takes for sexual predator to groom child, says Bukit Aman | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

SHAH ALAM: A predator can groom a child for sex in just one hour, says the Bukit Aman CID Sexual, Women and Children Crime Investigation Division (D11).

Its principal assistant director, Senior Assistant Commissioner Siti Kamsiah Hassan, said predators use social media to get to know children and groom them.

“These victims are easily attracted to sweet words and gestures. It is often easy to build trust and excitement in children, which can then lead to sexual crimes,” she told reporters after attending the Selangor Police Townhall Discussion.

The Selangor police chief, Commissioner Datuk Hussein Omar Khan, and his deputy, Deputy Commissioner Datuk S. Sasikala Devi, also attended the event.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Siti Kamsiah said the use of the internet and telecommunications devices also makes such cases more likely.

“They can chat online and plan outings. They could even use e-hailing services to make meetings easier,” she said, adding that victims could also share their location with these predators.

She mentioned that social media is popular among children as they can easily browse through content and attract the attention of others.

“We cannot avoid the fact that educating children starts at home, and parents must also teach their children about self-control and the risks around them and how to assess them. Crimes now start from the comfort of your own home,” she said.

When asked, Senior Assistant Commissioner Siti Kamsiah said financial difficulties and a lack of education are also factors leading to sexual crimes against children.

“Based on our statistics, these cases are happening among the B40 group. Looking at it as a whole, unstable financial situations, unemployment, and low education levels are among the factors these victims face,” she added, noting that non-conducive environments at home and separated parents were also factors.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Siti Kamsiah stated that Selangor is the state with the highest number of sexual crime cases.

“The factors leading to this include the population, the state’s position with its neighbours, as well as internet access and other facilities,” she said, adding that Johor recorded the second-highest number of sexual crime cases.

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