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One Piece’s Revolutionary Army, Ranked By Strength | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack | #hacking | #aihp

The Revolutionary Army is the World Government’s greatest enemy in One Piece. An organization exclusively dedicated to exposing and removing the corruption of the Celestial Dragons, they have already infiltrated Marie Geoise and survived numerous attacks. Monkey D. Dragon leads from the shadows, a man worth one of the highest bounties in the entire series.

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Given the organization’s resilience, it’s no surprise that its members are extremely powerful. Depending on the abilities of the top officers within the resistance, some of them have better odds and will be more likely to survive the final battle to come.

10/10 Betty Is Great At Rallying Troops

Belo Betty is one of the Revolutionary Army’s top officers. She may not be particularly strong by herself, though she is excellent at rallying vast numbers of people to the cause. This makes her an indisposable asset, especially considering that the army is starved for members.

When using her power, Betty is able to augment those with the willingness to fight. However, she is worthless without her allies and does not appear to have any supplementary haki. Fortunately, she has the foresight to travel in a group.

9/10 Koala Trained In The Army For Her Entire Life

Once a slave to the World Nobles, Koala was rescued by Fisher Tiger of the Sun Pirates. However, she knew that it was dangerous to go home and wanted to right the injustices that were done to her. As a result, she joined the Revolutionary Army.

Since then, Koala has become one of its most active and prolific agents. While she seems not to have a Devil Fruit, Koala is highly trained in combat and espionage, both of which make her viable for virtually any assignment.

8/10 Inazuma Was Ivankov’s RIght-Hand Advisor

Inazuma’s Devil Fruit allowed them to snip apart virtually anything. During the invasion of Impel Down, they conveniently weaved through walls and staircases in order to better facilitate the heroes’ escape. As Ivankov’s top advisor and a person capable of defeating dozens of Impel Down guards, Inazuma is clearly a master of their Devil Fruit.

Although proficient in melee combat, Inazuma’s skill set is still fairly linear, and if they have haki, they’ve yet to showcase using it. Nonetheless, they are easily among Kamabakka Kingdom’s most powerful and respectable warriors.

7/10 Hack Was A Fish-Man Karate Expert

Hack first debuted in the Dressrosa arc, where he demonstrated impressive Fish-Man karate skills on the arena floor. Although nowhere near as formidable as Jimbei, Hack distinguished himself by defeating gladiators and marines alike. His attacks possessed much greater force and speed than Koala, which compensated for his lack of stealth.

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Additionally, Hack has years of fighting experience and fairly high mobility. His lack of Devil Fruit may still be a problem, though given how Jimbei excels on the high seas, it stands to reason that Hack will hold his own so long as he picks his battles.

6/10 Morley Was A Powerful, Earth-Manipulating Giant

Morley was another of the Revolutionary Army’s top officers. A proud member of the Kamabakka Kingdom, her Devil Fruit allowed her to manipulate the earth as if it were clay. She was so proficient at using it that she even made a home for Ivankov within the darkest reaches of Impel Down all beyond the detection of its cruel warden.

As a giant, Morley is naturally stronger than most of the marines she will ever face off against. Additionally, it means that she will have centuries of experience against the opponents she inevitably faces.

5/10 Nico Robin Joined The Revolutionaries During The Time Skip

When Kuma divided the Straw Hat crew, he sent Nico Robin to a frigid wasteland controlled by the World Government. However, it was quickly attacked by the Revolutionary Army, who promptly liberated Robin and helped to train her during the time skip.

As a result, Robin has unlocked amazing abilities such as gigantifying her limbs and even flight. During the invasion of Onigashima, she defeated Black Maria, one of Kaido’s most powerful and malevolent agents. Robin can also use her Devil Fruit to snap the spines or necks of multiple opponents at once.

4/10 Ivankov Is Kamabakka’s Indomitable Leader

Ivankov was the leader of Kamabakka Kingdom and an individual with many special abilities. They could rapidly mend wounds using growth hormones, defeat enemies using potent death winks, or even change their gender to throw them off balance.

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As Dragon’s earliest advisor and an open adversary of the World Government, Ivankov’s ability to survive speaks to how powerful they really are. They were the only person to single-handedly hold off Magellan at Impel Down, performing better against him than Luffy or even Blackbeard in single combat.

3/10 Sabo Is The Army’s Second-In-Command

Despite the brief attention he’s received, Sabo has quickly established himself as a force of nature. His command of armament haki means that he is deadly in melee combat, capable of wrangling with and even defeating Jesus Burgess of the Blackbeard pirates.

Now that Sabo has eaten Ace’s Flame-Flame Fruit, he has become even more powerful. Not only has he been made untouchable to those without haki or elemental counters, but he can also unleash brutal gouts of flame that consume targets upon impact.

2/10 Kuma Is A Cybernetically Enhanced Warlord

At first, Kuma went undercover and joined the Warlord program as a spy. However, his humanity had been gradually replaced until it became difficult to tell if he was more man or machine. Regardless, Kuma is nearly unbeatable in a fight.

In addition to his incredible mobility, he can send enemies flying across the world with a single touch. Kuma also has tremendously high offensive potential, capable of condensing his shockwaves into the palm of his hand and defeating Oars Jr. in a single hit. As an added bonus, he’s even able to “extract” peoples’ injuries, effectively healing them.

1/10 Monkey D. Dragon Is The World Government’s Worst Nightmare

Given the recent information disclosed about Shanks, Monkey D. Dragon is now the series’ most mysterious character. He first debuted at Logue Town, with his presence alone enough to make the hardened Smoker cower with fear.

With a bounty estimated to be in the billions, Dragon is most likely either a master of haki or the user of an obscenely powerful Devil Fruit. Either way, his campaign to topple the World Nobles wouldn’t have been nearly so successful if he personally wasn’t at least as powerful as a marine admiral.

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