One more Russian citizen sentenced for cyber fraud in U.S.

The U.S. District Court for Central District of California has sentenced Russian national Dmitry Fedoseyev to 33 months in prison in a large-scale cyber fraud case.

The defendant was also ordered to pay $232,000 in damages, according to the court documents obtained by RAPSI.

The court found Fedoseyev guilty of possession of 15 or more counterfeit or unauthorized access devices and aggravated identity theft. Other eleven counts of charges initially brought against the defendant were dropped by U.S. prosecutors because the man had pleaded guilty.

Upon release from imprisonment, he will be placed on supervised release for a term of 3 years, the judgment reads.

Fedoseyev has a right to appeal the sentence.

The criminal case reached the U.S. court in April 2016. Soon after, Russian nationals Timur Safin, Irina Fedoseyeva, Dmitry Fedoseyev, Christina Gerasimova and Belorussian national Sergey Patapau went on trial.

The indictment reads that Safin, Fedoseyev, Fedoseyeva and Patapau fraudulently got access to credit cards with limits of up to $5 million and used those to obtain luxurious products for further resale or exchange.

During the searches, law enforcement officers found hundreds of fake credit cards and equipment for their production as well as personal data of legal bank accounts owners used for production of credit cards. The U.S. Ministry of Justice estimates damage caused by the fraud from $3 to $5 million.

In June, the court passed the sentence on Safin and Fedoseyeva.

Safin received 3 years in prison and was obliged to pay victims $250,000 in compensation. His lawyer said that this is the first breach of law by his client and that he may be deported to Russia after serving his time despite having a legally obtained permanent residence in the United States. Safin has pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft and use of unauthorized access devices.

Fedoseyeva, who also pleaded guilty to the use of unauthorized access devices, was given 14 months in prison. Additionally, the court ordered the woman to pay about $232,700 in damages.


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