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Online Scammers and their victims. | Roxann ‘Rocqui’ Martinez Fisher | #daitngscams | #lovescams | #datingscams | #love | #relationships | #scams | #pof | | #dating

My cousin committed suicide. He was in an online relationship with whom he thought was an adult. She was a minor pretending to be an adult.

The minor threatened to go to the police unless he paid up. My cousin, I am sure, was confused and scared and did the only thing he thought he could do to fix his issue. He took his life. 

This brings me to my current story. I joined the Facebook dating app. Most of the guys I met were open about what they wanted, and some were not. Like Brian, he is of South African descent. 


Furthermore, his accent can talk you out of your clothes and checkbook. Brian and I began chatting and texting. Things began to move quickly. We went from chatting to sharing videos and pictures of each other and becoming Facebook officials within weeks. Our Facebook post gained several likes and congratulations, except for one. My friend sent me a message saying my guy looks like a very popular social media influencer, Cory Calvin. Of course, I brought this up to Brian, and he asked that I please wait till he gets back from his business trip to allow him to explain, and I agreed. Then I noticed that Brian deleted his Facebook page. So, of course, I asked him why? Frustrated with what I knew were lies, I asked him what he wanted from me, and here is his response below. 

I will be straight with you. I want $10000 in bitcoin forwarded in 5 hours. I’ve got sources in different TV and news stations and you being quite the big name in society, imagine it, the great scandal of Roxann, the famous writer. I will have the sweet picture you shared with me published everywhere. Imagine what story that will be. You will be more famous than this. Remember that I have your Facebook friends and family members on your page and they will get to see it.

Furthermore, I dare you to try and block me. You have 5 hours. If you make a story after you have paid me, I will publish it. Keep it between us. I have nothing to lose. You have everything to lose. Brian even asked if I wanted to negotiate. He asked me to send the funds to this wallet address: bc1q0vtvg6cz6fz0nwq6dlu5ctg0ckvm99r3x4jqe7 and said he would be waiting. Brian threatened my reputation by saying it was at stake. He also suggested we negotiate. Brian made good on his promise to let my family (daughter) know, telling her to have me pay up. I took to social media to promote my upcoming story on Brian. As well as Brian’s message to my daughter. My social media post reads: Apologies, social media family, but if you receive a message from Brian, please take it with a grain of salt and delete it. He is the subject of a national story on online scammers, and he is not happy with me. Again apologies- be safe out there. Hugs— R. 

To be clear, attempting to extort some online via social media is a federal crime. I have been in contact with my local police department and the FBI. 

Things to look out for if you are approached online. 

* Google is your best friend. Do your homework.

*if you have second doubts, ask someone you trust for their opinion.

*Do a video call as early as possible. 

*Report it and stop all communications. 

 *Watch out for red flags. 


* Send compromising pictures. 

* Reveal too much personal information. 

* Pay someone you have not met. 

* Feel safe because you made the first contact, 

*Believe everything they say. 

* Buy plane tickets or gift cards. 

* Move communication off of dating sites early. 

* Do not accept money from someone you do not know. 

Look I get it. Being single can suck sometimes. Especially during the recent lockdown and upcoming holidays. However, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Keep yourself and your family safe, and say no. There is hope. Help is available. Call your local law enforcement and someone you trust. Nothing is more important than your life. 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is available 24 hours a day. SMS 988 for help. I implore you not to be like my cousin and take your life. You are loved!


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