‘Online’ surgical strikes: Pakistani websites hacked and locked by Indian hackers

With India relentlessly launching diplomatic and non-diplomatic strikes against Pakistan, Indian netizens are going a step further ahead to literally isolate Pakistan – by locking Pakistani governmental websites.

With large numbers of hacking being reported post the surgical strikes and the Uri attack, Pakistani techies are facing a tough time stopping their counterpart from hacking into their websites. Reportedly, the gravity of the situation is such that Pakistani techies have offered to pay Indian hackers in Bitcoin – online money – to regain access to their own sites.

But most of the Indian hackers have refused the offers and have kept the sites under control, reports the Daily Mail.

However, the situation will be intense on both sites as the hackers have warned that the Pakistani techies will retaliate.

Online agencies have warned the hackers that there should be no instances of data loss while partaking in this online ‘war’ with the neighbour.

The main objective of these hackers hacking into each other’s websites is to deface the structural composition of the site and make the website null and devoid of being catered to online users. Loss of sensitive information is also carries long-term threats against the involved country.


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