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“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”—J.K Rowling

Much like the hero of fantasy fiction, we need to find inner strength and clarity when we get stuck in an unexpected plot twist. Online tarot card reading can be the guiding light you need to get through the darkest hours of your life.

Many times we lose our way in life because we lack convictions and have lost faith in the future. Online tarot card reading sessions can turn things around for you through insightful revelations about our past, present, and future. The newfound information can inspire you to stay optimistic about things that may unfold in the future. Along with helping you find clarity on days when your thoughts get muddled and you find yourself engulfed in despondence.

Does this sound like something you need to turn your life around?

Then we suggest that you give online tarot reading a try. We have rounded up the best websites for this purpose as you venture into the world of mysticism. These reputable psychic hotlines will come to your rescue through words of wisdom, psychic interpretations, and spiritual healing through tarot reading.

All it takes is faith and a gifted mystic mentor for you to start this journey.

Let’s begin.

The Holy Trinity: Top Three Sites for Tarot Card Reading Online in 2021

Years ago, psychic readings were restricted to neighborhood corners and local fair booths. Advanced technology makes tarot reading accessible by bringing psychics to your virtual doorstep.

Yet, the fear of fake psychics and con artists can stop most people from opening the door. It’s why we have scoured the internet to find trustworthy tarot card readers and genuine psychic experts. Our goal was to find professionals with natural gifts and abilities to support you through life-altering moments in life. We achieved this feat by filtering out imposters through comprehensive research and goal-oriented comparative analysis.

Here are the three websites for online tarot reading that won us over:

#1. Keen Psychics — Participate in Genuine Tarot Card Reading Online In Only $1.99

You can get a huge bang for your buck with affordable online tarot reading services at Keen Psychics. The client-oriented platform for psychics: your quest to find the best mystic advisor easier through well-integrated search filters and self-help tools. You just have to type a few relevant details to make it possible.

Once you find the ideal advisor, you can experience an enlightening 10-minute long trial to test the theories surrounding tarot reading online. Subsequently, receiving answers to your queries about life as we know it.

#2. Kasamba — 100% Real Love Tarot Reading Online Free Service for Romantic Souls

Kasamba plays cupid with love matches and relationship advice given through online tarot readings. You can try your luck with a free 3-minute trial and 50% discount offer for your first-ever session on this psychic website.

After this, you can continue to explore other areas of mysticism with a $1 per minute fee for every consultation. Introductory meetings with new psychic advisors remain free if you adhere to the time limit.

#3. Psychic Source —An Excellent Source for Financial Advice and Career Forecasts

Psychic Source might have begun as a psychic hotline for daily tarot readings but it soon struck gold with financial gurus. Get online to connect with mystic advisors and fortune-tellers share their insights about profitable investments and career opportunities.

You can start this upward trajectory with a free tarot reading that lasts approximately 3 minutes. Newcomers can save 75% from the subscription cost for the first paid session.

If you like what you see, you will appreciate our detailed discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of our top three psychic platforms for tarot reading online.

The Revelation: Which One of These Online Tarot Reading Sites Is Right for You?

The first rule of mysticism involves purposeful connections between the psychic expert and the recipient. We help you find your true match by highlighting the positives and negatives of each website for an online tarot reading.

Let’s have a look.

Our Budget Pick for Online Tarot Card Reading: Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics became part of the virtual world on the cusp of the millennium as global industries contemplated the impact of the impending Y2K boom. The psychic service became a source of comfort and counseling for distressed individuals. As word spread around, this tarot reading site gained much attention and has now assisted over 35 million clients (to date).

They managed to win over customers with the aid of a dedicated customer support team and a global network of over 1700 psychic experts registered to the platform. Each psychic undergoes a multi-step screening process to meet client expectations and industry standards. The rigid registration process ensures that only top-rated practitioners become part of the Keen Psychics community.

You can benefit from its exceptional psychic services through tarot readings by phone, chat, or email. Your choice depends on the feasibility and the availability of your chosen psychic expert. Other interactive psychic readings include crystal gazing, runes, astrology, numerology, and other specialties.

How Do You Book an Online Tarot Reading Session at Keen Psychics?

Affordable, accessible, and customer-friendly, Keen Psychics serves as the perfect startup platform for beginners. You can use its psychic services without worrying about exceeding your budget. Each new user receives a free tarot card reading online through a 3-minute trial.

You may pay $1.99 to continue your consultation for ten more minutes if the reader piques your interest. Having an upgraded introductory session allows you to ask more follow-up questions as you gain more clarity about your initial psychic reading. It’s also a reasonable time limit to assess every new practitioners’ skill and competency during your first session.

After this, you may maintain a long-term mystic connection with Keen Psychics by committing to a monthly subscription.

Psychic Powers: Why Should You Pick Keen Psychics?

  • Over two decades of experience in imparting spiritual wisdom and online psychic readings
  • Connect with thousands of international and local mystic advisors regardless of your zip code
  • A 24-hour tarot reading service for phone psychics, chat psychics, and real-time video calls.
  • Find out about your past, present, and future via online tarot readings, daily horoscopes, career forecasts, numerology, and more
  • A top-tier psychic website for genuine tarot readings online with positive customer reviews and feedback
  • Talk to trained tarot card readers, spiritual guides, and holistic healers to gain more clarity in life
  • Take psychics for a 3-minute-long test run via free tarot reading online
  • Enjoy live tarot readings at low rates and customizable packages (Starting from $1.99 for 10-minute consultations)

Moreover, Keen Psychics features a user-centric website that allows you to navigate this virtual journey with ease. You also have full access to its dedicated customer support team in case anything does go awry.

Unlock 3 Free Minutes of Online Tarot Card Reading + 10 Minutes Extended Consultation in Only $1.99 at Keen Psychics

Number #2 Kasamba: Find Your Love Match in 3 (Free) Minutes via an Online Tarot Reading


Kasamba holds a coveted spot in the mystic market as one of the oldest online networks for mystic advisors, psychics, clairvoyants, etc. They opened up shop way back in the 90s and continue to thrive in the modern era.

More than 3 million customers vouch for its incredible skills as a love guru, career forecaster, and spiritual advisor in matters of romance, professional paths, and personal dilemmas. Client reviews reveal that you can’t go wrong with Kasamba if you’re looking for a love tarot reading and psychic compatibility tests. It presents equally promising prospects through angel card reading, holistic healing, astrology, rune reading, and other psychic tools.

A global community of accredited psychic advisors and mystic mentors is ready to share their wisdom upon your first command. Kasamba managed to rope in this fantastic team by exploring professional opportunities and expanding its horizons. You can schedule a free consultation to make the most of these extraordinary psychic services online.

Moreover, the platform displays descriptive profiles and a professional summary of each registered psychic. It uses positive client testimonials and ratings to adjust the rankings of each psychic practitioner. You can use these metrics as a benchmark to select a well-suited specialist for your tarot reading online.

Besides this, clients appreciate the anonymity and privacy Kasamba offers for these clandestine conversations. They achieve this by developing a well-integrated database for members and users. In addition to this, you can conduct your financial transactions through secure channels to negate the risks of online scams and fraudulent schemes committed by fake psychics.

How Do You Book an Online Tarot Reading with Psychic Experts at Kasamba?

Kasamba excels all expectations with its remarkable range of online psychic services for all aspects of life. The platform caters to millions of clients worldwide with a well-vetted team of psychic practitioners. You can find the ‘best psychic match’ by signing up for free tarot card readings online. Choose the right mystic advisor by comparing expertise, niche, skills, and reading style.

Free trials include a 3-minute long one-on-one consultation with the selected expert. After your time limit ends, you can continue consultation by paying $1/min or switching to another consultant for free. All new clients receive 50% off on paid sessions and other services after their trial run.

What if you don’t like the service?

As explained earlier, you can swap your advisor and try a new consultant if you found the introductory session underwhelming. There are no penalty charges for the switch. Users might request a full refund if they are dissatisfied with paid psychic services received after the free trial.

Like any other online service provider, Kasmaba requests users to file detailed complaints and contact customer support if anything goes amiss. That way official representatives can resolve the issue in real-time to prevent further issues.

Psychic Powers: Why Should You Pick Kasamba?

  • Striving for excellence since the late 90s
  • The best place to find certified psychics and seers for your online tarot card reading
  • Connect with world-renowned psychics for a love tarot reading, career forecasts, crystal gazing, runes, numerology, and other predictions
  • A highly versatile and accessible online service for online tarot readings by phone, chat, and video call
  • Choose a compatible psychic with a free tarot reading online (maximum time:3 minutes)
  • Full virtual consultations cost $1/min
  • 50% off on all paid psychic services for first-time users
  • 100% refund policy for unsatisfactory consultations
  • Use confidentiality chat psychics to maintain anonymity throughout your consultation Stay connected with psychic experts 24/7 with a Kasamba mobile app (Available for iOS or Android devices)

On the whole, Kasamba delivers a 5-star service for anyone interested in navigating life with the assistance of powerful psychics online.

Schedule A Free Love Tarot Reading with Psychic Experts at Kasamba!

Number #3: Psychic Source Takes Online Tarot Readings to Great Heights with a 75% Discount Deal


Psychic Source spreads great joy and happiness around the world with its online psychic readings. With over one million subscribers, it has a knack for transforming mystic musings into accurate predictions for hopeful clients.

The company began in the late 1980s as a psychic hotline service that switched to virtual space after the rise of the internet. The conversion led to a much-needed expansion in its psychic services and online tarot reading options available to customers.

In turn, this resulted in the introduction of live psychics, angel card reading, crystal gazing, astrology charts, energy healing, numerology, rune reading, and more. Specialists for each service go through a strict screening system to prove their merit.

After that, online rankings get determined according to niche, specialty, experience level, and customer ratings. You can browse through thousands of updated psychic profiles to select the right advisor for your tarot reading.

Alternatively, you can fill in relevant details to run an online search through its advanced Psychic Tool. The well-integrated search engine uses your answers to shortlist the best psychics available for real-time consultation. You can then use a comparative assessment to select a compatible consultant out of the promising psychic advisors.

A dedicated customer support team makes each minute spent on the website more meaningful. You can contact the operators for all types of queries concerning technical glitches, registration processes, payment methods, and other requests.

How Do You Book an Online Tarot Card Reading Session at Psychic Source?

Psychic Source offers online tarot card readings by phone, chat, and live video calls for a variety of psychic consultations. On-demand options include financial advice, love tarot readings, dream interpretations, holistic healing services, and astrological advice, amongst other psychic reading formats.

Users have to go through a simple registration process before receiving multiple offers for discounted psychic services. For example, newcomers can use free tarot reading sessions to give psychic readings a chance before they sign up for a paid service. Each introductory consultation lasts for three minutes before they move onto a subscription. First-timers get 75% if they agree to complete their consultation.

After that, you can opt for a budget-friendly monthly subscription starting from $0.66/min. Psychic Source offers flexible price plans to accommodate all types of users for upgraded consultations.

Psychic Powers: Why Should You Pick a Psychic Source?

  • More than three decades of experience in tarot reading online and other psychic ventures
  • 24/7/365 customer support service to assist you during online psychic emergencies
  • An assorted range of interactive psychic compatibility tools to connect you with the right mystic advisor
  • Book an online tarot reading by phone, chat, and video sessions
  • A highly recommended choice for online tarot card readings on financial advice, career forecasts, dream analysis, and other life-altering decisions
  • Sign up for a free tarot reading session (approx. 3 minutes)
  • Receive a 75% discount for online psychic consultation (available for new clients only)
  • Affordable prices for an assorted range of psychic services for all types of clients
  • A protected psychic platform with encrypted log-in details and confidential chat options
  • You can safeguard your money via secure payment options to avoid online psychic scams

Lastly, Psychic Source accommodates all individual psychic goals and requirements with its outstanding online service. Its adaptable tarot card reading services are matched by a well-vetted team of online psychics who are willing to go the extra mile for you.

Unlock 3 Free Minutes to Regain Lost Clarity and Find Your True Purpose in Life with Online Tarot Reading at Psychic Source!

How to Choose the Best Online Tarot Card Reading Service?


The Guardian recently reported a 136% increase in psychic readings post-pandemic. Yet, there are many first-timers who may perceive online tarot card reading with skepticism due to the uncertainty surrounding the offered services. We hope to address your concerns by answering frequently asked questions about these virtual sessions.

Here are a few things to know before you book a tarot reading online:

Q.1 How to Choose the Right Psychic for Your Online Tarot Reading?

An online tarot reading can save you a trip to your local psychic. Yet, it increases concerns about the safety and security of your confidential social security number and financial wellbeing.

The good news is that fake scams surrounding online psychics have decreased in numbers since genuine tarot card reading services stepped up their web game. Their active involvement in verifying psychic practitioners and conducting background checks makes your job easier.

Nevertheless, you should take some preventive measures yourself to keep fake psychics at bay.

Here are some actionable steps to follow:

  1. Do Proper Research Before Registering to an Online Tarot Reading Service.

    Survey the mystic marketplace before you commit to an online tarot reading platform.

    You can do this by asking the following questions:

    • What type of online tarot card reading services do they offer?
    • Will you have access to other kinds of psychic services (i.e. astrology, numerology, crystal ball gazing, and daily horoscopes)?
    • What’s the cost of tarot reading online?
    • What do clients say about a particular platform?
    • Are the available online psychics certified?

    Conduct a comparative assessment to know more about available psychic services. Then find one that aligns with your psychic reading goals and budget.

  2. Look for Secure Payment Options

    Avoid psychic platforms that request you to send direct payments or checks to independent practitioners. Instead, use online tarot card reading services that are affiliated with trustworthy online payment services. That way you can trace your financial transactions and have a better idea of where your money goes.

    Besides this, read the terms and conditions carefully before registration. Your due diligence can save you from a phony site that tricks you into spending more than you bargained for during your free tarot reading session.

  3. Choose a Compatible Psychic

    Don’t pick a random psychic expert for your tarot reading session as it can interfere with the accuracy of your reading. For instance, you cannot ask career-related questions during your love tarot reading and vice versa.

    Each psychic practitioner has authority over specific fields within the mystic world. Learn what sets them apart and how these qualities fit into the bigger picture. Here it implies the questions you sought for these psychic consultations. Once you find a practitioner that meets your psychic objectives, you can sign up for a trial session.

    Later on, opt for a complete consultation only if these psychic interactions feel meaningful and purposeful. Tally client testimonials and online reviews to gain user-focused insights on each platform (or psychic) for better outcomes.

Pro-tip: You can use psychic compatibility tools and customer support services to streamline your search for the right mystic.

On the whole, these safety tips might seem like a lot of research in the beginning. Yet, your efforts will be all worth it in the end when you contact a legitimate psychic advisor and benefit from a successful tarot reading online.

Q2. Are There Different Types of Tarot Card Readers?

Yes, a tarot reading can be interpreted in different ways and through various techniques. It all depends on the readers and their area of expertise.

It’s beneficial to understand the abilities of the common types of tarot card readers you might encounter and how they can help. Then use this information to choose the right mystic guide for your tarot card reading online.

Here’s a preview of what each type of tarot card reader has to offer:

  1. Psychic Tarot Readers

    Psychic tarot card readings involve gifted seers who can connect our past, present, and future. They use these abilities to guide wandering souls in the right direction by showing them how events in the past or present might influence the future.

  2. Empaths

    An online tarot card reading with an empath can be emotionally validating. These psychics work as spiritual counselors who are instinctively attuned to your feelings and emotions. They can pick up your energy and use the aura around you to answer your questions accurately. Often explaining how your worries are not baseless by identifying the reason behind the overwhelming feelings of despair and restlessness.

    Remember that empaths focus more on feelings than on the future. Hence, they will ask questions about how you feel in the present or how you perceive certain events during a tarot reading with them. They use this emotional connection to find the truth and resolve your problems, whatever they may be.

  3. Intuitive Tarot Readers

    Much like empaths, they have an inherent ability to discover the truth by deciphering the signs and energies radiating from you and those around you. They can help you overcome roadblocks and challenges that steer you away from your true purpose.

    During your tarot card reading online they will ask questions to eliminate distractions, negative thoughts, and irrelevant details that hold you back. In turn, this will help you find a clear path towards your destiny.

  4. Holistic Tarot Readers

    Holistic tarot card readings online revolve around the interconnection between different psychic tools and teachings. That means these readings can feature oracle cards, astrology, numerology, runes, crystals, and I-Chings. The integration enhances your psychic experience as mystics use their diverse knowledge and skills to uncover a deeper meaning from your tarot reading.

In short, each tarot card reader can give you a unique interpretation during your online tarot reading. Hence, you should think of your options and the questions you want to ask before a consultation. That way, you are more likely to receive a satisfactory answer for what you seek.

Q3. What Are the Benefits of Tarot Readings?

There are numerous advantages of tarot card readings. You can opt for free psychic readings online to find out about your love life, financial future, or predictions about your academic pursuits.

Here’s a closer look at the life-changing benefits of tarot card readings:

  • Self-discovery: Find your true purpose in life by connecting with your inner self as you embark on a journey of self-discovery.

  • Dream Interpretations: Tarot card readers can interpret recurring dreams and reveal how they may connect with real life.

  • Find True Love: Love tarot readings can help you find your soul mate or resolve relationship issues in the present. You can even ask tarot card readers to do a compatibility test for your current relationship.

  • Regain Emotional Strength: You can use spiritual guidance to deal with an emotional loss and continued stress, especially if you feel fatigued and drained.

  • Find Hope: Intuitive psychics can instill positivity and happiness into your life by uplifting your spirits with promising predictions.

  • More Clarity and Confidence: You get a better understanding of what the future holds for you in all aspects of life (i.e. personal and professional).

  • Find Closure: Address unresolved emotions and feelings of hopelessness after a traumatic event and learn how to move on with your life.

On the whole, the advantages of online tarot card reading can cover everything from self-discovery, meditation, love psychics, live psychics, and more. Use our recommended websites to uncover the secrets of another realm and its connections to the real world.

Apart from this, you can learn how to let go of the past and embrace the future with open arms. Having this newfound confidence, positivity, and surety can teach you to lead a content life in the long run. Additionally, you will have a psychic guide showing you the way whenever things go amiss.

Q4. Are Online Tarot Card Reading Consultations Accurate?

Many people believe that you have to be in the same room as the psychic expert for tarot readings to work. It’s a misconception. Real tarot readings are more about channeling energies, conversing with spirit guides, and aura reading than sharing the same surroundings.

Therefore, experienced mystic advisors are capable of gauging accurate tarot card readings online despite the virtual setting.

What can you do to make the most of this mystic consultation ?

Your mindset during and after the session can play a pivotal role in the accuracy of a tarot reading. It’s vital to clear all doubts and pessimistic thoughts about the process before you pursue an online psychic reading consultation . Otherwise, these negative feelings can create a barrier between you and the tarot card reader at the other end of the screen.

Your positive attitude can allow mystic advisors to focus their energy on uncovering the truth and discovering answers to your questions. Alternatively, it allows you to follow the right path after you receive your tarot card reading online.

More importantly, it’s vital to remember that the accuracy of a tarot reading depends on how you act upon the prediction. That means these consultations might not work if you choose to ignore what the mystic advisor told you or if you sit and wait for something miraculous to happen.

Your intentions and actions have an impact on your present and future. That’s why it’s good practice to consider it as a compass that guides you towards your purpose in life. Use the reading to make decisions that may help you seize the opportunities life presents and deflect negativity whenever possible. In turn, each choice will bring you closer to a life filled with prosperity, happiness, love, and success.

In a Nutshell

Lastly, tarot readings online can empower you with words of wisdom about the unknown and how specific events in life are connected. Knowing this can be a rewarding experience if you are seeking a sign to unlock your true purpose in life. Additionally, it can serve as a beacon of light if you are willing to have faith during the darkest days of your life.

The best part about online tarot reading lies in its accessibility and availability. You can use the virtual platform to connect with a global community of mystic practitioners within a few minutes without leaving the comfort of your home. It paves the way for endless opportunities and promising predictions about your future. Registering to top-rated psychic networks can ensure that these online interactions are meaningful and not misguided. Resulting in the clarity you need to make the right choices and lead a fulfilling life.

Do you want to shake away the uncertainties surrounding your future? Gain more clarity and confidence in knowing what lies ahead with the aid of real psychics . Take the first step towards your psychic intervention with one of our recommended online tarot reading sites.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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