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Moazzam Khan is one of those who added romance to the cryptocurrency fraud story. His story began with an innocent dating practice. If he wasn’t a cybersecurity expert, he would probably have lost all his money.

The cryptocurrency fraud story shared by cybersecurity researcher Moazzam Khan is as romantic as it is thought-provoking. Khan, who works on security and machine learning in many companies, including IBM platforms, is doing research on IBM Watson for Cyber ??Security. Let’s see how Khan got rid of the romantic swindler.

It all started pretty romantic

“It all started with an online dating app. I quickly matched a profile I liked. His photographs felt like a real person, but I learned the truth too late… ”

Khan met a woman on a dating app he used. The photos and profile information of the woman seemed realistic. The woman even called Khan’s phone to prove it was not fake. Thus convinced Khan began to meet with the woman.

Everything was going great at first. But there were some suspicious behaviors that caught Khan’s attention. The woman wanted to make phone calls all the time and only texted early in the day. At the same time, the woman refused to use SMS and was only talking via WhatsApp. Over time, a wolf fell into Khan, and he opened a fake real estate website to follow his dating claiming to be doing cosmetics, and made an offer to the company to which the woman was affiliated. Even though the company didn’t come to the game, Khan learned something very important: The company’s IP was tied to Nigeria. The person he dated said he was in America.

Realizing that the woman was lying about her whereabouts, Khan realized that she was facing not a romantic partner but a con artist. Then he wanted to solve this business and learned that the person he was talking to was also dealing with Bitcoin investment as well as the cosmetic business.

When it comes to Bitcoin …

The woman enthusiastically told Khan that she earned $ 9000 with an investment of $ 5000. He even sent various videos and posts to confirm his earnings. Pretending to be interested, Khan told him he wanted to learn how to get into this business and learned that he had to do it through a website. Khan also saw that the website was flagged as spam after realizing that there were a lot of problems with the website the woman shared – because he was his specialty. The photos used on the site were also all fake. But Khan was wondering where this would end.

Bought bitcoin and saw the truth

Moazzam, who opened an account on the site, paid the minimum investment fee of $ 300 and started trading. Apart from Bitcoin, the site also had the opportunity to transact with many cryptocurrencies. When Khan, who bought Bitcoin, read the terms on the site, he discovered that the site was linked to a fraudster gang the FBI had been investigating for a long time. After all these, he warned everyone about cryptocurrency fraudsters, which are common in dating applications, and said:

Please protect your heart and your hard earned money from scammers.

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