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Matthew Garcia, Marketing Manager at The Echelon Way

Wade Redcross, CEO/Founder at The Echelon Way

Pittsburgh, PA, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Although COVID-19 has caused many people to remain socially distanced and quarantined at home, The Echelon Way is bringing a new virtual space to those looking to date and make meaningful connections in the Pittsburgh area.  

Wade Redcross, the owner of The Echelon Way, said that he created this company as a way to face the challenges of the current dating scene and create a place where people can come and feel inclusive, while also connecting face-to-face.  “One of the biggest critiques I hear in the dating industry is that so often we’re communicating virtually via text and through images, but when you meet a person, it’s a totally different experience.  So our goal is to help people connect with someone face to face, have a conversation and build a relationship from there, and we think that makes it much more possible for them to make meaningful connections,” Redcross said.  

He said now there are many challenges in terms of dating and connecting with people.  We find that most people are glued to their devices and are inundated with information, this can make it difficult to connect with someone and beyond connecting, building a relationship can be even more difficult. “It was my thinking to put together a space where connections can be made and where relationships can excel. There are lots and lots of challenges out there, so we hope to contribute to this space by helping people to connect, find their loved ones, and move forward in a very positive way,” Redcross said. 

Redcross said they would prefer to hold in-person events to create the connection, but right now, they will be using the Zoom online platform due to COVID-19. In addition to events, The Echelon Way will also offer classes for men, women, and co-ed classes, with Redcross, along with a small team of people, who will be coaching and teaching.  “We also offer discussion classes on how to build healthy relationships. Our traditional education system tends to offer learning and training for every type of job and profession, but when it comes to learning how to build quality relationships, usually there is not much being offered. So what we’re doing is hosting various classes regarding how to build and maintain great connections when it comes to relationships,” Redcross said.  

Matthew Garcia, Marketing Manager at The Echelon Way, said the entire experience with The Echelon way provides an alternative to speed dating. Garcia explained when users sign up, they create a profile which then provides them with access to an icebreaker experience where they can browse through other profiles and rank them based on their compatibility.  

Redcross said users can opt into events they want to participate in, and seven days prior to each event, the icebreaker will become available, allowing users to communicate with others prior to the event. The events are run by shared interests such as music, art, or history, said Garcia. There are seven classes total, $25 per class. Garcia said there are different tiers and different plans to choose from. 

They expect to have dozens of people participating in their event, where classes will be more intimate with an expected 12-15 participants per class, Redcross said.   “Part of what we are looking to bring into our classes, into the discussion, is a new orientation, new thinking on how to connect with people, how to care for them, how to meet their needs, and how we get our needs met through that process.  We really can initiate community through connection with one person and with this same philosophy we can continue to build community beyond our homes, into our neighborhoods, and through the rest of our community. I think we can help to build great relationships all around,” Wade. 

To learn more about The Echelon Way, visit https://theechelonway.com

Matthew Garcia
The Echelon Way
(412) 223-5338

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