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BENGALURU :  The number of cybercrime cases hit the alarming figure of 17,623 in Bengaluru during 2023. Of the cases, only 1,271 have been cracked. This significant difference, accounting for only a 7.2% detection rate, highlights the challenge of identifying and combating cyber threats.

As this trend persists, the question that keeps popping up is, “Will tracking cybercrimes become more difficult in the coming years, posing a bigger challenge for law enforcement and cybersecurity efforts?”

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Saidulu Adavath, who recently cracked a FedEx courier scam, said an organised network operates through a layered structure here. Those in the first layer remain oblivious to the activities of the second, with some recruited solely for making online calls, while others in a subsequent layer are tasked with creating mule bank accounts. A few more in yet another layer handle the intricate process of transferring funds across multiple banks.

He said this chain operates without the full knowledge of cybercriminals involved. It is aware of only receiving money without a clear understanding of the underlying mechanisms. In the FedEx scam investigation, a breakthrough happened when it was discovered that four of the 12 accounts were operational in Davanagere. Immediately, we initiated efforts with other departments, pinpointing the locations that led to the initial arrest of eight fraudsters, followed by four more arrests. 

‘Fraudsters not aware of kingpin’

Although 12 people were involved in the courier scam, none of them had the knowledge of the actual operator and each other’s role behind the scenes, as each operates from multiple states. Their involvement was confined to recruitment through the Telegram group and receiving payment for their roles in making online calls. The nature of this organised and sophisticated operation via technology shielded even the fraudsters involved from knowing the mastermind orchestrating their activities, he said.

While the Police Department is actively addressing cybercrime, the ultimate solution is in prevention through heightened awareness. People should verify all online activities and refrain from trusting online operators and share personal information such as government IDs and mobile OTPs. In a rapidly advancing digital world, it is crucial to be cautious to safeguard hard-earned money. A single click can lead to significant losses. People must use common sense while interacting with anyone online, Adavath said.

Bengaluru City Police Commissioner B Dayananda said, “To enhance reporting procedures, we have permitted registration of cyber complaints with law and order police stations, streamlining the process for quicker assistance. Additionally, we conduct regular meetings with nodal officers from various banks for better coordination and effective recovery of money during investigations. Moreover, we have ensured implementation of essential digital tools and techniques in every police station to track and address cybercrime cases efficiently.”

There are 18 patterns of cybercrime, including online job fraud, cryptocurrency investments and sextortion, resulting in a loss of over Rs 500 crore. Of the patterns recorded, online job fraud cases were reported the most till December 2023 in the Startup City.

In 2021, of the 6,422 cybercrime cases reported, 2,257 were cracked. In 2022, of the 9,940 cases, 2,431 were cracked. In 2023, 17,623 cases were reported and only 1,271 detected 

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