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According to a new government survey, Singapore is leading other countries when it comes to cybersecurity preparedness. The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore’s Cybersecurity Health Report 2023 polled organizations across 23 sectors about aspects of their cybersecurity. They focused on breaches faced, business impacts, and measures implemented. The report found that organizations have implemented a little bit over 70% of the requirements necessary to obtain a “Cyber Essentials” certification.

Compared to the rest of the world, Singapore’s organizations are doing well compared to the rest of the world. The report also included some concerning results, however. Over 8 in 10 Singaporean organizations experienced a cybersecurity incident over the course of the year, and 5 in 10 experienced several. 99% of those who experienced an incident experienced a business impact. The most common consequences experienced were business disruption, data loss, and reputational damage.

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