Opaque Communications Takes On Encryption, Cybersecurity

A new, Santa Monica-based cybersecurity startup, Opaque Communications, said on Tuesday that it has launched the company and released a new suite of products in the cybersecurity area. The startup, led by Dwayne Hall, said its new products are aimed at the financial services, healthcare, biotech, defense/aerospace, entertainment and R&D markets, and offer up a “hack-resistant” data center storage system called Dark Vault, a fully encrypted, cloud service called Dark Transmit, and a secure, encrypted voice-and-text messaging app called Wraith. The company said its “virtually hack resistant” technology is aimed at letting its users secure their data, whether being stored or sent to others. The company said its board includes an un-named, Four Star General, Yolanda “Cookie” Parker (National Co-Chair for Technology for President Obama and founder and former CEO of KMS Software); Max Gousse (Def Jam Music); Faisal Gill (ranking member of the Department of Homeland Security and prior Senior Policy Advisor of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush); Jon Liebergall (AIG); and investor Ed Renwich (Raineth Housing, formerly of The Yucaipa Companies). Pricing on the company’s new products were not announced.


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