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ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI has responded to The New York Times’ (NYT) accusations of copyright infringement. The Sam Altman-led company alleges that the NYT utilised “deceptive prompts” to influence ChatGPT and manipulate it into building evidence. In other words, OpenAI is accusing New York Times of hacking ChatGPT and using its contents to build a case against the publication. This, OpenAI argues, is a violation of their terms of use.

“The allegations in the Times’s complaint do not meet its famously rigorous journalistic standards,” OpenAI said as per a Reuters report and added, “The truth, which will come out in the course of this case, is that the Times paid someone to hack OpenAI’s products.”

OpenAI accuses New York Times of hacking ChatGPT

The Reuters report stated that in a filing submitted to the Manhattan federal court on Monday, OpenAI asserted that The New York Times induced its technology to replicate content through “deceptive prompts” that overtly violated OpenAI’s terms of use. The company argued that the allegations presented by the Times fail to meet the rigorous journalistic standards for accuracy and truth.

In addition to this, the company also accused New York Times of hiring someone to hack ChatGPT. The AI company didn’t name the person that NYt allegedly hired to “hack ChatGPT”, and clarified that it did not accuse the newspaper of violating anti-hacking laws.

The Times’ attorney, Ian Crosby, rebuked OpenAI’s claims, characterising them as a misrepresentation of the situation. Crosby stated that what OpenAI labelled as “hacking” was simply an attempt to use the company’s products to uncover evidence related to the alleged misuse of copyrighted work.

He said, “What OpenAI bizarrely mischaracterizes as ‘hacking’ is simply using OpenAI’s products to look for evidence that they stole and reproduced The Times’s copyrighted work,.”

About the lawsuit

OpenAI is currently facing a lawsuit from The New York Times filed in December. The lawsuit accuses OpenAI of unauthorised use of millions of Times articles to train chatbots, posing a threat to the multitrillion-dollar AI industry.

In response to the Times’ complaint, OpenAI asserted that generating results similar to the newspaper’s articles took tens of thousands of attempts, emphasising that using ChatGPT to produce Times articles at will was not within the ordinary course of operation.

OpenAI expressed confidence that, in due course, the fair-use question would be resolved in favour of AI companies. The company stated that stopping AI models from learning facts would be like hindering the natural information flow in journalism.

On a related note, this isn’t the only lawsuit that has been filed against OpenAI over copyright infringement. In the last few months, several authors and artists moved the court saying AI tools like ChatGPT used their work without their permission.

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Divyanshi Sharma

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Feb 28, 2024


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