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OpenAI Invites 4,500 Hackers for Bug Bounty Hunt in Largest-Ever Security Test! | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

OpenAI, creators of the revolutionary ChatGPT, have launched a colossal bug bounty program. With over 4,500 cybersecurity enthusiasts hunting for vulnerabilities in their public-facing technology, OpenAI stands poised to rewrite the rulebook on ensuring AI security.

Updated Jun 26, 2023 | 11:24 AM IST

Hacker Haven: OpenAI Bug Hunting Bonanza Kicks Off in Silicon Valley


  • OpenAI rallies over 4,500 hackers in an unprecedented bug bounty program targeting public-facing technology.
  • The AI firm offers a whopping $20,000 for individual bug discoveries, driving a massive response from the global cybersecurity community.
  • Despite the hefty participation, a relatively small number of prizes are expected, showcasing OpenAI’s focus on quality over quantity.
OpenAI , the brain behind the extraordinary AI application, ChatGPT , has turned Silicon Valley into a battleground for hackers worldwide! In a daring move, the AI behemoth has unleashed over 4,500 white-hat hackers to scour their systems for any lurking bugs. But, the catch? They’re only targeting the public-facing tech – the nuts and bolts, not the AI brain itself.

Rules of Engagement: Exposing the Underbelly, not the Brain

Operating under specific rules, the hackers’ mission isn’t the AI’s code. It’s the auxiliary systems, the cloud resources, plugins, and third-party service connections. In essence, OpenAI is challenging them to pry into its technical infrastructure while shielding the proprietary AI brain – the heartbeat of ChatGPT.

OpenAI Bug Bounty Program

Silver Linings in the Cloud

While it might sound like the most exciting tech is off the table, Casey Ellis, founder and CTO of Bugcrowd , begs to differ. He sees immense learning opportunities for the ethical-hacking community. The initial response was noisy, attracting numerous participants and budding hackers who needed a bit of guidance to strike gold. Bugcrowd has stepped in to offer a guiding hand, ushering these novices into their Bugcrowd University program.

Paying the Piper: Cash Rewards for the Swift and Skilled

OpenAI isn’t skimping on the rewards. Each bug disclosure could fetch up to a cool $20,000 – a tantalizing lure for any hacker. The response? An overwhelming surge of over 4,500 researchers signing up, only eclipsed by Tesla’s program with about 5,000 participants. The contest had already accepted 50 vulnerabilities as of mid-June, with an average payout of around $786.

Bugcrowd gets over 4500 participations


The Aftermath: Expectations and Reality

Despite the exciting participation numbers, don’t expect a shower of prizes. According to Ellis, OpenAI’s tech footprint isn’t sprawling enough to warrant a plethora of prizes. It’s more about quality over quantity. As Ellis puts it, it’s not a “sprawling set of real estate.”

In a nutshell, OpenAI’s bold move in the cybersecurity world is making waves. This bug bounty program stands as a testament to OpenAI’s commitment to cybersecurity, while the inclusion of ethical hackers in this process paves the way for a more collaborative, secure future.


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