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So enjoy science, believe the Bible, and trust God.

During the Covid outbreak a popular statement we heard was, “Follow the science.”

However, I heard apparent science claims that seemed to support one side of the argument, and then science claims that seemed to support the other side of the argument. I recently read a statement regarding “Follow the science” whereby the guy said rather, “Follow the money.” which may be more accurate than we think. Typically we tend to follow the science that best suits our interests.

But isn’t all science just proven facts? We know that math, the laws of Physics, Chemistry, and so on, are reliable and unchanging, so how can there be contradictions in scientific observations and conclusions, especially when carried out by qualified scientists? I imagine that there are a few factors involved which contribute to the variations: The information is not complete, the appropriate ability and/or equipment to conduct accurately decisive experiments are not available, the human error margin, and the motives, biases, and assumptions, that we tend to bring to the table, are contributing factors.

I am saying we, because we all have them. There is another other factor that is not necessarily directly the work of any scientists. There are people who take claims of science and use it to promote their own agendas, and true, that can come from any side of the spectrum. This is scary, because who does not love science, and trust it? That makes us particularly vulnerable to precepts and suppositions that influence our very life values and judgments.

As with anything else, if we religiously follow science without question, are we not subjecting ourselves to the direct, or even indirect agendas of people, and submitting to their influence, or even control. Have not various political groups used the scientifically questionable theory of Evolution to devalue human life to the point where they felt they had the right to put to death anyone they wanted? It is hard to imagine that something so useful and helpful as science can be used for such things. Again it is human folly that is the guilty party.

  cience in its purest form is suppose to be the objective pursuit of knowledge, whereby we can freely examine a claim or observation, and apply experiments and calculations in the attempt to verify its validity. Still the conclusion of Intelligent Design has faced ridicule and persecution in parts of the scientific world, and yet everything from atoms and DNA, to galaxies, scream precision, order, and design.

Since God does not subject Himself to man’s arrogance (imagine that), some boldly claim that He doesn’t exist. Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” and “…without faith it is impossible to please Him.” Those are His terms; nevertheless, in His great love, God has left ample observable evidence, and then rocked the planet by sending His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is still impacting millions of lives today.

  What I am saying, is that we must not blindly follow the assertions and ideals of men by failing to carefully examine the claims and objectives. The Bible says, “The naive believes everything, but the prudent man considers his steps.” Dear friends, science is amazing, but we must understand that, like religion, some of it may have been hacked and infiltrated! NEVER PLACE YOUR ETERNAL SOUL AND FAITH IN THE WORKS AND OPINIONS OF MEN!

Just for interest sake, here are some passages from the Bible that today can be scientifically verified. “…He hangs the earth on nothing.”, “The Lord sits enthroned on the circle of the earth.” “…He stretched out the heavens.”, “…whatever passes through the paths of the sea.”

God performed the first open surgery on Adam, and He taught Israel to isolate and quarantine people with infections and viruses, and to use 7, 14, and 21 day screening periods. So enjoy science, believe the Bible, and trust God. He loves you SO MUCH!

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