Hacked readers will know of Thailand’s military government’s aim to squeeze all internet communicationinto a single gateway. If you aren’t aware of the master plan, Thailand’s Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha and his cabinet ordered the country’s National Police Department, the Information and Communication Ministry along with the Justice Ministry to look into the means to set up a single gateway for the internet.

A resolution was passed soon after, mandating the agencies to look into laws that would need to either be enacted or amended, as a means to enforce the single Internet gateway.

To nobody’s surprise, state-run company CAT Telecom was chosen by the Prime Minister as the only authority to control all internet communications through the single gateway in Thailand.

With public backlash from the Thai people along with criticism from around the world, the government’s public stance has since changed. The Prime Minister stated that he hadn’t “ordered’ the agencies to go ahead with the mandate and that he had merely only suggested the endeavor as a study. The backtracking convinced few, least of all the Thai people and hacktivist group Anonymous.

Source: https://hacked.com/opsinglegateway-anonymous-hacks-thai-police-servers-proves-its-point/

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