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A decentralized cross-rollup layer-2 bridge, Orbiter Finance’s Discord server was compromised by bad actors, who have shared a link to a fraudulent airdrop program. This incident marks the latest targeting of Orbiter Finance. 

CertiK Alert, a reputable blockchain security and analytics platform, took to Twitter in the early hours of June 1 to disclose the hack. Community members were urged to exercise caution and avoid engaging with any links shared on the platform.

The perpetrators behind the breach wasted no time in announcing a phony ORB token launch and airdrop event. They claimed that 5,000,000 ORB tokens would be distributed to members of the Orbiter Finance community.

Orbiter Finance’s own team confirmed the hack via Twitter, assuring their followers that they are diligently working to regain control of the compromised Discord server.

The hacker responsible for this breach is known as Pink Drainer, a scammer who successfully infiltrated the Discord server and orchestrated a fraudulent scheme resulting in the theft of approximately $213,000.

The incident sent shockwaves through the Orbiter Finance community, exposing vulnerabilities in the platform’s security measures. Pink Drainer exploited the compromised Discord server to carry out their malicious activities, compromising the trust and financial well-being of community members.

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