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Wilmington, Delaware–(Newsfile Corp. – January 22, 2024) – In a bold move to counter the rising tide of cybersecurity threats, Orcus, a leading innovator in the field, announces the launch of its strategic AI technology. With $1.5 million in recent seed funding, Orcus positions itself as a key ally for organizations dedicated to enhancing their cyber defenses through cutting-edge AI solutions.


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As the integration of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things becomes an integral part of daily life, the need for robust cybersecurity solutions in 2024 and beyond has never been more critical. The surge in cyber-attacks since 2021, characterized by heightened sophistication, has prompted organizations of all sizes to fortify their defenses against potential disruptions with far-reaching consequences.

Orcus adopts an offensive hacking approach, aiming to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them. With the cybersecurity investment projected to exceed $3 trillion by 2025, Orcus recognizes the immediate demand for talent and security, particularly in the context of the digital transformation of the national security sector.

The company advocates for a comprehensive approach that emphasizes awareness, education, and workforce development training. Orcus’ all-encompassing AI security validation platform provides a holistic view of both internal and external attack surfaces. This automated solution is capable of discovering sensitive data, executing exploits, conducting sophisticated attacks, escalating network privileges, and even impersonating users to uncover sensitive personal information.

Orcus distinguishes itself through features such as instant discovery of attack surfaces, seamless integration with leading security testing tools, powerful automation capabilities, and risk discovery prioritization. Co-founders Nic (25) and Chris (42) bring niche expertise in AI software, hardware, and ethical hacking, using their skills to mirror the tactics employed by malicious actors, ultimately strengthening network security.

By safely emulating basic to advanced attacks through the lens of cybercriminals, Orcus aims to eliminate the industry gray area of finding, fixing, and preventing cyber threats through real attack emulation technology. In a departure from legacy competitors, the security startup advocates for a proactive and informed defense against all threats, striving to deliver continuous and quantifiable results in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

About Orcus:
Orcus aims to be the category leader for AI OffSec, empowering organizations worldwide to test with ease and integrity, revealing quantifiable and current security exposures. The team plans to offer this platform to thousands of security professionals and third-party/managed service providers globally, enabling them to guide remediation efficiently and close security gaps before hackers can exploit them. As the industry braces for a projected $3 trillion expenditure by 2025, Orcus is poised to take center stage, prioritizing education and providing free utilities to address the growing need for proactive cybersecurity solutions.

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