Oswego schools face federal lawsuit over hiring of alleged serial sexual predator | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Oswego schools are facing legal action for hiring a teacher with a purported pattern of sexual abuse spanning multiple states, allegedly victimizing at least two students at Oswego East High School.

A federal lawsuit filed on Thursday contends that the Oswego School District endangered its students by employing a serial sexual predator.

The law firm representing one of the Oswego victims is concurrently suing Chicago Public Schools over alleged sexual abuse by a staff member. Disparti Law Group is advocating for a zero-tolerance policy against abusers, proposing a lifetime ban from working in schools.

“Here we have, in this case, a teacher who was suspended in Iowa for a period of 12 years after being found guilty of 6 counts of misconduct who was able to obtain a teaching position at Oswego High School and victimize more students. Enough is enough,” stated Robert W. Fioretti, an attorney.

Attorney Cass Casper revealed that a victim of the same teacher from Iowa reached out two years ago to the Oswego victim for support and discussion on rectifying the wrongs done to them by the teacher and the school districts.

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