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Our Saucy Hack Takes Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken To The Next Level | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

First of all, air-frying the chicken made a huge difference in this dish. Even if we plan to prepare the packaged chicken with its original sauce, we will still make the chicken in the air fryer. It was ready after 10 minutes (about half of what it takes to make it in the oven), and the exterior became ultra-crispy. The inside stayed nice and tender, so the air fryer seemed to bring out the best in these frozen chicken bites.

Without the sauce, we found the chicken to be a little bland. It wasn’t salty or seasoned, so it definitely needs to be coated in some kind of sauce to make it more exciting. As we know, the orange sauce goes really well with the chicken. It’s thin, but it has enough sugar to glaze the chicken bits nicely. It delivers a nice soy sauce presence and a big orange flavor. There’s nothing to hate about this combination.

The chicken in the boom bah sauce really did make us want to stand up and cheer. Where the orange sauce is light and tangy, the boom bah sauce is rich and creamy. It was thick enough to coat the chicken, clinging to the exterior and delivering a sweet-tangy-spicy vibe that we really enjoyed. It definitely took the chicken to the next level.


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