Packit Lunch Bag Review

I have always been frustrated with the quality of lunch boxes, lunch bags and backpacks out there.  So, at the beginning of the school year I decided to really spend some time finding something that would hold all the food that I like to pack for my kids and also not fall apart within a few months.

Coincidentally, an ad came on the TV just before the start of the school-year and my boys both called me into the family room to show me.  It was for the PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag.

I was skeptical.  It seemed impossible for a bag to be able to keep a lunch cold for “up to 10 hours”.  And by looking at the commercial it was tough to tell just how big the Packit really was.  So, I Tweeted about it.  A few Moms replied and said that they thought it was a really good size and kept things cold.

That night I ordered two.  My boys were very excited.  I was very curious.

My kids have been taking their Packit to school every single day now for 6 months.  I have to admit, I LOVE it.  Everything that I was worried about was squashed.

The Packit is able to hold all the food that I could normally not fit into a standard lunch box with plenty of room.  And yes, it actually stays cold all day long.  I typically pack their lunches around 8am and when they get home at 4:30pm whatever is left is still cold!  No more throwing away the things that they didn’t eat or drink.  I just put them back in the refrigerator for the next day…yogurts, milk, etc.

I clean them out with Lysol wipes, wipe the exterior down once in a while and the Packits have yet to show any signs of falling apart.

The only thing I’ve noticed wearing is the Velcro-type closing mechanism.  It still holds shut but not as strongly as six months ago.

I would highly recommend the PackItto any Mom.  I’ve been super happy with ours and would definitely buy them again if I ever even have to.


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