‘Paisa hai, pyaar chahiye’: Bengaluru man’s hilarious WhatsApp chat with scammer goes viral | #DatingScams | #LoveScams | #RomanceScans

WhatsApp scam messages have become all too familiar in recent times, leaving many users skeptical of unsolicited job offers and money-making opportunities. Scammers frequently target app users, promising work-from-home positions or quick cash in exchange for simple tasks, resulting in financial losses. However, one Bengaluru resident, Chetty Arun, decided to have a bit of fun with a scammer and shared the entertaining conversation online.

Chetty Arun, the Culture Head at the fintech unicorn Razorpay, recently took to social media to post screenshots of his conversation with a scammer posing as “Miss Lavanya,” the Assistant HR at Halcyon India, on X (formerly known as Twitter). The exchange provided a humorous take on how one can waste a scammer’s time, offering a refreshing perspective on these common scams.

In the shared screenshots of the conversation, the scammer initially presented Chetty with an offer to earn money by rating places on Google Maps. However, instead of responding to the job offer, Chetty began with an unrelated question, asking about the meaning of the name “Lavanya.”

The humorous exchange continued as Chetty responded to the scammer’s talk of a “reward package” by claiming he had enough money but was lacking love. He wrote, “Arey paisa bohot hai Lavanya. Pyaar chahiye. Pyaar ke liye kuch program hai toh batao,” indicating his desire for love rather than monetary gain.

The scammer, maintaining the persona of Lavanya, curtly replied, “There is no program for love, please.”

Chetty Arun subsequently shared the entire conversation on X with a caption, “Paisa bohot hai. Pyaar chahiye. Had a heart-to-heart conversation about love, the world, peace, and everything with a scamster.” The post quickly went viral, attracting numerous internet users who engaged in discussions and left comments.

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One X user humorously observed, “So, this is common. I too received such requests on WhatsApp. I just blocked. Aise Paise aur Pyarr dono se darna chahiye (One should be cautious of both money and love) :P.”

Another user playfully speculated about the potential of creating a business use case from these interactions, noting, “Be ready to get a gig job offer from fake dating sites. Waise kuchh business use case bann sakta hai … for pyaar ke bhooke logz (A business use case can be developed for the love-hungry individuals).”


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