Pakistani Cyber crooks Hack Cochin, Trivandrum Airport Website

In a recent development, Pakistani cyber criminals on Wednesday hacked a server containing a 148 domains of Indian airport websites including Cochin and Trivandrum.

The perpetrators have been identified as Kashmiri Cheetah of Pak Cyber Attackers. After numerous physical attacks in the Kashmiri region, Pakistan has now decided to target India digitally as well.

While the identity of the hackers remains blurred, it is clear that the attackers belong across the border. One key reason why the attackers chose airport websites can be for extracting crucial information about flights, which can lead to compromising consequences.

Not only flight details, but the hackers can also hack the websites to mine information about the individual airports – from logistics to facilities – which can potentially disclose decisive details to the state’s enemies.

So the attack – although on the digital front – is a risk for all the citizens who may take flights in future.

India’s weak cybersecuirty infrastructure has been criticised time and again by noted security experts from the country. India ranks among the top 10 countries, with a large number of cyber crimes, ranging from online harassment to fraud, and even spying.

Although the financial sector has been a prime target for foreign hackers, they are also eyeing government and other sensitive websites to mine information and use it to attack the nation.

It is about time, India refocuses on setting up stringent anti-hacking teams to counter these attacks or at least track them. IT firm Nasscom had earlier said that India lacks cyber security personnel to the tune of 50,000, which is a significant number.

While this is not the first time hackers from across the border have attacked government websites, but this particular attack on airport websites should be taken seriously, as it can lead to a multitude of risks.


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