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Palo Alto Networks has announced the successful acquisition of Talon Cyber Security, an innovator in enterprise browser technology. This move marks additional strides for the company in the burgeoning field of cybersecurity.

Nikesh Arora, Chairman and CEO of Palo Alto Networks, expressed his enthusiasm for the deal, remarking, “We are thrilled to welcome Talon to Palo Alto Networks. Most work today occurs via web browsers, often on unmanaged devices, which poses enormous security risks. Through the seamless integration of Talon’s Enterprise Browser with Prisma SASE, we will be elevating our best-in-class solution.” Arora also disclosed the company’s plans to extend Talon’s Enterprise Browser technology to its qualified SASE AI customers at no extra cost.

In the current climate of increasing online security threats, employees often use personal and unmanaged devices to access crucial business applications. This includes utilizing mobile devices in tandem with corporate laptops. While this strategy enhances productivity, it presents an increased security risk due to the inconsistent levels of security, control, and visibility across devices.

For this reason, organizations require a comprehensive SASE solution to allow users to safely access important business applications regardless of their device. As a component of this solution, Talon’s Enterprise Browser will offer increased protection against threats such as phishing attacks, web-based attacks, and harmful browser extensions.

Moreover, Talon provides comprehensive controls to help safeguard sensitive data within the confines of the browser, irrespective of whether the device is managed by the enterprise.

Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE serves as a sturdy foundation for agile, cloud-powered organisations. By integrating Talon with Prisma Access, customers can substantially increase productivity by enabling unmanaged devices. This feature also ensures consistent security and improved visibility into device usage, while concurrently safeguarding user privacy.

This acquisition bolsters Prisma SASE’s position as the most comprehensive single-vendor SASE solution. It enables customers to implement a unified SASE strategy for complete Zero Trust security. The integration of Prisma SASE and the Enterprise Browser is integral in securing all web applications, both public and private, and all devices, regardless of whether they are managed or unmanaged.

Palo Alto Networks is focused on continually delivering innovative solutions to secure digital transformation as the pace of change continues to accelerate.

The company provides next-gen cybersecurity to thousands of customers globally, across all sectors. The best-in-class cybersecurity platforms and services are backed by threat intelligence and strengthened by state-of-the-art automation.

Whether deploying products to enable the Zero Trust Enterprise, responding to a security incident, or partnering to deliver better security outcomes through a world-class partner ecosystem, Palo Alto Networks states it is ‘committed to helping ensure each day is safer than the one before’.



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