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Cloud data management firm Panzura has unveiled a new offering in the cybersecurity market, a near real-time ransomware detection and recovery solution, Panzura Detect and Rescue.

With the ability to slash average recovery time from ransomware incidents down from days to mere hours, the initiative is designed to help businesses adopt a more proactive stance against an escalating global ransomware threat.

Panzura’s solution arrives at a time of unprecedented ransomware activity. Based on a 2023 Global Ransomware Report by Corvus Insurance, ransomware attacks have witnessed a 95% surge between 2022 and 2023. With two-thirds of organisations around the world now directly affected by ransomware threats each year, the necessity for comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity measures could not be overstated.

The recently launched Panzura Detect and Rescue is unique in its approach to ransomware threat reduction. By merging advanced AI-infused detection software with expert-guided recovery, the solution enables businesses to manage threats not just passively, but dynamically and actively. Key to its methodology is a rapid identification of suspicious behaviour and patterns, which trigger automated alerts and immediate risk containment. This early detection mechanism significantly expedites intervention and remediation periods, leading to dramatically reduced recovery times and enhancing ransomware resilience.

Panzura’s CEO, Dan Waldschmidt, said, “When it comes to ransomware recovery, time really is money. The speed at which organisations can neutralise and recover from a ransomware threat is absolutely critical to any data protection strategy. Panzura Detect and Rescue applies machine learning to take roughly 12 billion data snapshots on any given day, giving us an incredibly accurate benchmark from which to identify anomalous patterns and potential threats.”

Ransomware accounts for approximately a quarter of all breaches, highlighting the emergent necessity for robust data protection structures. With effective cybersecurity no longer optional, but essential, Panzura Detect and Rescue seeks to provide unrivalled resistance against both known and unknown threat families. This is achieved by integrating active detection into Panzura’s innovative file storage architecture, thereby delivering AI-infused resilience through a potent combination of cloud-native software and specialist assistance.

“Moving forward, organisations must utilise both robust, immutable protection, as well as added layers of resilience like Panzura Detect and Rescue, which improves ransomware monitoring, delivers real-time alerts, and can dramatically reduce any downtime resulting from the threat of ransomware,” Waldschmidt further noted.

Guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) exhort Infrastructure & Operations teams to adopt an active defence towards cybersecurity. Echoing these guidelines, Panzura Detect and Rescue assists businesses in identifying, detecting, responding to, and recovering from cyberattacks at unparalleled speed.

Don Foster, Chief Customer Officer, Panzura, commented, “To date, no organisation that followed Panzura’s best practices has lost data to ransomware while using Panzura CloudFS. The launch of Panzura Detect and Rescue provides our customers’ active monitoring for their Panzura CloudFS environment, doubling down on their ability to detect and contain an attack at a time when businesses are looking for intelligent ways to provide new levels of resilience to their sensitive data.”


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