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Christine Newell, mortgage technical director at Paradigm, stated that one potential area of detriment to firms is cyber threats, data breaches and fraudulent activity.

The module was designed to help firms understand issues such as the most common types of cyber-attacks, how to protect its business and how to prevent this happening in a cost-effective way.

“We know that firms are facing many challenges at present, due to market conditions, increasing workloads to get cases across the line, cost of living and staffing issues, but also potentially serious cyber threats,” Newell said.

“This test will provide valuable support in this area, and we hope that firms will consequently be better informed and better able to understand the possible threats, and what they can do to protect against them.”

Although this specific cybersecurity module is suitable for all advisory firm staff, Paradigm noted that it will specifically be of interest to senior managers who are responsible for protecting the firm against data protection breaches and financial crime.

According to the UK Official Statistics Cyber Security Breaches Report, 39% of UK businesses last year identified cyber-attacks, and the National Cyber Security Centre indicated the average cost of a data breach or cyber-attack is £4,200.

Through this Cybersecurity module, firms and staff who are responsible for this area can learn about the ways and means by which breaches can occur, Newell detailed, and how to protect their businesses and their clients against such activity.

“Under Consumer Duty, we also know firms will be looking at their training and competency schemes, and seeking more ways to demonstrate their personnel are always taking a customer-centric approach and understanding how to approach certain scenarios,” Newell said.

The CPD Test Zone, which is part of Paradigm’s CPD Academy, offers video learning with multiple choice questions and case studies to help advisers put their learning into practice, and Paradigm now has 16 tests available for firms to use as part of their annual training programmes.


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