PARANOID ANDROID Almost half of all Android owners are at risk of being HACKED due to major security flaw

Smartphone owners could be blackmailed for their sexy selfies or naughty clips, it’s feared

IF you own an Android smartphone you could be at serious risk of “screen hijack”.

A major bug allows hackers to nab your photos, passwords and bank details which could be used to blackmail you, security researchers have discovered.

Criminals could take over the screen of a pricey phone until a ransom is paid.

There’s a security vulnerability in the system that allows apps to pop-up on your screen – like the irritating Facebook Messenger bubble which pops up when someone wants to chat.

Thieves could manipulate this to take control of what’s on your screen and install nasty malware and ransomware.

The bug is understood to affect 40 per cent of Android users.

Google said it won’t fix the issue until summer, when a new version of its operating system will be released.

So for now, smartphone owners have been warned not to download any dodgy apps.

Stick to trusted brands and don’t install games or deals apps that aren’t well known if you want to be safe.

Last month, nearly 50 apps were pulled from the Play store because they contained ad fraud software.

But it’s just the latest threat Brits have been warned about.

A recently discovered Microsoft Windows bug lets hackers take control of your PC by sending you a email – and you don’t even need to open it for it to work.


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