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Changing headphones regularly is common practice as they tend to develop faults. It’s easy to blame it on the headphones for not being strong enough. But unknown to you, most of the time, you play a part in damaging them.

Wondering how? You don’t handle them with enough care. The wrong usage shortens the lifespan of your headphones and deprives you of the opportunity of getting your money’s worth. It’s not just you—we all do it!

Read on to learn the wrong way you are using your headphones and how to protect your headphones and earbuds from damage.

6 Ways You Are Using Your Headphones the Wrong Way

Black Headphone

Listening to your favorite songs, podcasts, and online shows on the go is a lifestyle we have become accustomed to. Why make a nuisance in public when you can simply connect your earbuds and entertain yourself quietly?

The entertainment you seek is only possible when your headphones are in good condition. Admittedly, taking care of headphones can be easily overlooked. But they are like any other electronic device; they get damaged when not properly taken care of.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you are misusing your devices.

1. Not Cleaning Them

How often do you clean your headphones? As simple as it may seem, many people forget to do so. It’s easier to forget to clean your earphones when they are small, and the dirt on them isn’t so conspicuous.

Unclean headphones are a breeding ground for earwax. When left unclean over time, the internal and external parts of your headphones may develop earwax buildup.

Wireless headphones are a trend nowadays, and they come with charging cases. The earwax on your headphones can be transmitted to the charging cases if it’s not cleaned properly.

Preventing this is as simple as it gets—clean your headphones. If they are water-resistant, run them under the faucet (but please, check the water-resistance rating before you do this—not all water resistance is the same, and you could destroy your headphones or earbuds). You can also use earwax cleaning tools or a microfiber cloth for those that aren’t resistant to water.

2. Tangling Up Wires

Aren’t we all guilty of tangling up our headphone wires? If your headphones aren’t currently connected to your devices, chances are that they are tangling up somewhere.

The cables of your headphones play a significant role in how they function. They may not be part of the mechanical components, but they deliver the audio generated. The slightest tear or cut could render them useless.

Your best bet to avoid tangling up your headphone wires is to go for wireless headphones or earbuds. You can also opt for headphones with removable cables. If both options fail you, you should carefully handle the wires, straitening them at all times to avoid damage.

Avoid throwing them into your bag, as that could easily get the cables entangled.

3. Blasting the Volume

You are probably aware that blasting the volume of your headphones isn’t healthy for your ears. But like most people, the temptation is hard to resist because you tend to enjoy the content you are watching or listening to when the volume is loud.

Blasting the volume of your earbuds isn’t only harmful to your ears, it’s harmful to the devices too because you overwork their drivers. You should try using your headphones at moderate volumes; it isn’t as bad as you think.

You’ll be protecting your ears and device from damage.

4. Not Using a Case

Headphone in a Case

Headphones aren’t rock hard; they are quite fragile. When not in use, they can fall off, hitting the hard surface of the ground.

You probably keep them close to you for easy reach—on the couch or bed where they can easily be sat on.

A headphone case serves as a protector. A good case is semi-hard and prevents direct contact with hard surfaces. When your headphones are well-fitted in a case, the impact from falling on the ground, being sat on, or having a hard item landing on them is minimal.

5. Not Using the App

Apps are now a thing with headphones. And they offer many user-experience benefits including control customization and EQ adjustment.

Features on the app are there to offer you more value. For instance, you can set the volume on the app to prevent it from going beyond a certain level. By doing so, your headphone drivers won’t become faulty from overworking.

6. Exposure to Kids—and Pets

Leaving your headphones to kids and pets is a wrong move if you want them to last long. Even the best headphones get ruined when handled roughly. Since kids love to play, they’ll use the device as a toy, and the outcome won’t be pleasant.

Pets don’t know any better. They are likely to cause even more damage. You can think of better ways to indulge your kids and pets.

The Implications of Using Your Headphones the Wrong Way

Headphone Plugged in Phone

What happens when you use your headphones the wrong way? Plugged to your ears, the sound from your earphones hits your eardrums directly. Let’s take a look at some of the effects.

1. Hearing Loss

Continuously using your headphones at overly high volumes can cause damage to your ears drums and lead to hearing loss either temporarily or permanently.

The cells in your ears lose their sensitivity from a high vibration. If this is prolonged, they’ll no longer be as active as they used to be, and hearing loss will creep in.

2. Ear Infection

Using dirty headphones can cause earwax and bacteria infections. When plugged in, headphones block airflow to your ears, increasing your chances of infection.

Allow your ears to breathe. Take long breaks from using your headphones. And if you must use them, ensure that they are properly cleaned.

3. Financial Cost

When your headphones get damaged frequently from poor handling, you may be forced to always buy new ones. An average headphone may be affordable, so you may not feel the brunt on the surface. But when you calculate the little amounts you spend on them often, it makes a lump sum.

Handling your headphones with care could help you save a few dollars that you can use for other things.

Use Your Headphones the Right Way

For what it’s worth, you may not even be aware that you are damaging your headphones. But as they say, ignorance is no excuse. At least, now you know why using your headphones the right way matters.

Using your headphones the right way will save you from hearing-related problems and help you save some money, no matter how little it is. You can listen or watch your favorite content quietly and practice good personal hygiene. Talk about having the best of both worlds.

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