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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2020 / Gen Z is most certainly full of innovative, driven young entrepreneurs. These days, teenagers are obsessed with the idea of turning a problem into an innovative business solution. In today’s digital world, there are countless podcasts, YouTube videos, e-books and online courses inspiring young minds. Being an entrepreneur has truly never been more in demand as a career path. There are several role models whole business concepts can serve as pure inspiration. These young founders have shown that there is no set age for success.

Here are the top 10 most influential young entrepreneurs of 2020.

Ben Pasternak the 20-year-old Australian entrepreneur behind Flogg, NUGGs and various other endeavours. When Pasternak was 14, he created a game called Impossible Rush, which was downloaded millions of times and ranked along with Apple ranking it in the “20 Under 20” category on the App Store. He also released Impossible Dial, a follow-up game to Impossible Rush. Ben dropped out of high school in tenth grade and moved to Manhattan to further pursue his entrepreneurial endeavors. Seeing Ben’s massive success at an early age, venture firm Binary Capital, agreed to a round of funding in Flogg, a social networking app to buy and sell, launched on April 13, 2016. Ben also co-founded Monkey, a video chat-based app to meet new people. The app had over 3,000,000 users.

Ben made his fortune creating social apps and games but has now moved on to chicken nuggets (well kinda). With McCain Foods and other tech investors, Ben’s new venture NUGGs uses pea protein, spices and food-based technology to simulate the texture and flavor of an animal-based nugget. Ben believes that he has created a snack that tastes as good as chicken nuggets with no chickens harmed in the process.

Ben was featured in Fortune Magazine, as a young innovator who is changing the world. He was also in Crain’s New York Business Magazine ‘20 Under 20′ list as a teen who cared about the world and wants to make his mark on it. Lastly, Ben was named one of TIME Magazine’s Most Influential Teens of 2016. Ben deserves to be on the list due to his various endeavors and attempts to encourage people toward sustainable eating in an innovative and delicious manner.

Brendan Cox – 19

Brendan Cox is an entrepreneur based in New Jersey that owns and operates numerous businesses. He earned a spot on this year’s list because of his already lengthy resume of successful business ventures at such a young age. Only 19, Cox has published a book, founded 10 businesses and has worked alongside numerous brands and influencers to help build, monetize and professionalize their online presence.

At the age of 13, Cox had already amassed a network of over a million instagram followers and monetized them in various ways. He has since founded and sold one of the most successful teen job pairing businesses globally and also mentors other teens looking to open up a similar service. Brendan also owns Cox Visuals, a well-known social media and branding agency that helps businesses, influencers and realtors leverage the power of social media. Through his numerous endeavors, he is clearly leaving his mark in the world of entrepreneurship.

What makes Cox so unique is his drive. “At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you want to be successful or not. You yourself have to wake up hungry and excited to work on your businesses.”

Giancarlo Purch – 20

Giancarlo Purch, also known as Blazendary, YouTube is an entrepreneur, popular for his sneaker content and fashion vlogs. Purch has a second channel named Blazendary Gaming, on which he posts gameplay content. People all around the world look up to him in terms of his stylish clothing and “rare” sneakers. With a huge following across all platforms, he not only posts unique fashion videos but also vlogs his personal life. Purch also indulges in shopping and traveling as a part of his content.

Giancarlo launched his channel Blazendary on December 29, 2014. Over the years he has shared content related to high and low-end fashion streetwear. Also, he has posted videos related to footwear and clothing collection. To continually interact with his audience, Purch comes with challenges in his videos and does collaborations with family and friends. Purch makes extra income from his brand which offers t-shirts, phone cases and streetwear, Blazendary is your one stop shop for all your hypebeast needs.

Purch is one of the most successful and the well-off YouTube stars of his age. The 19-year-old deserves to be on the list because of his success and ability to inspire people all over the country. He has also gained popularity in the business world, “I encourage investing in stocks and streetwear to make money. I learned that chasing your goals and having a dedicated routine will make you successful.”

Mikaila Ulmer – 15

At 15 years old, Mikaila Ulmer, knows a lot about business. She is the CEO of Me & the Bees Lemonade and has sold over one million bottles in the past decade. She scored an investment of $60,000 from Daymond John after her Shark Tank appearance in 2015. Ulmer has established herself as a voice of guidance, regularly speaking at entrepreneurial summits. “No matter how old you are, you always have something to learn. And no matter how old you are you have something to teach.”

Mikaila founded the business when she was 4 years old and was stung by two bees. She got scared at first but then started learning about them and gradually became fascinated about how important insects are in the food cycle. Shortly thereafter, her family received a cookbook in which they discovered a recipe for flaxseed lemonade. She decided to make lemonade with honey, bought from the local beekeepers. She made it for a children’s business competition in Austin, Texas. It was a huge hit and that is when Me & the Bees Lemonade was born. Managing the business with her parents, she not only launched a new line of beeswax infused lip balms but also a non-profit organization to conduct research and education for the bees: The Healthy Hive Foundation.

Mikaila Ulmer deserves to be on the list as she is a young entrepreneur, managing her studies and business. She has recently signed a deal to co-write a book for entrepreneurs. “Even though I started with lemonade, I always wanted to expand to different products. My dream has always been to be the Hello Kitty of lemonade, and do my brand and my mission but spread over an array of products.”

Cole Bennett – 24

Cole Bennett is a business executive, videographer and music video director. The 24-year old is most often recognized for his multimedia company, Lyrical Lemonade. It was initially created as an internet blog when Cole was in high school in 2013. His mother then gave it a new name and gave Cole a video camera. Cole began directing music videos for local rappers, including Vic Mensa and Taylor Bennett. Not only did Cole upload these videos but also created with live show recaps, documentaries and interviews which garnered a huge response.

The channel, Lyrical Lemonade then expanded into other areas segments of hip hop, such as the Soundcloud rap sub-genre. Cole received recognition working with artists like Famous Dex, Lil Pump, and Smokepurpp. His first short film, “Lone Springs” was released on April 7, 2017. Then, in May 2018 Cole became the most recognizable music video director after directing ‘Lucid Dream’ which crossed over 480 million views on YouTube and became the most popular video on his channel.

Cole has worked with hundreds of mainstream figures in hip hop. He directed Godzilla in March 2020 which gained 13 million views in just 24 hours. He has also ventured into merchandise and lemonade beverages under the name Lyrical Lemonade.

In 2020, Lyrical Lemonade collaborated with Jordan Brand and streetwear brand FTP. Cole Bennett, independent and self-driven, deserves to be on the list for truly innovating the music video industry.

Benjamin Hochheiser – 20

Ben Hochheiser is a 20-year-old serial entrepreneur, who currently owns Blade Marketing. Specializing in high ticket sales and digital marketing Ben is killing it as an entrepreneur! Along with Co-Founding Blade Marketing, he is looking forward to launching two partner agencies. He also has partnerships with FMA, Be Your Own Boss Advantage, Unblinded Mastery, and numerous other companies.

Ben’s first business venture launched when he was 10 years old, in the 5th grade, selling necklaces and bracelets to his classmates. His father ended up expanding on his idea and turned this business into a six-figure project, generating over $150,000 worth of sales within a year. Ben is passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs. Ben was able to turn $0 into over $140,000 in just six months by partnering with larger agencies and using his skills to help his clients.

Ben’s key attributes are his persistent mindset and his desire to succeed, “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal”. His goal is to raise the quality of marketing and ensure that entrepreneurs have the resources they need to develop large, successful corporations. With over 50,000 followers on Instagram, Ben uses his social media platforms to inspire and educate his network.

Eli Zied – 18

When you see some famous people rocking the brand Habits 365, that is, Eli Zied. The 18-year-old genius is the founder of one of the biggest up and coming streetwear brands. Starting his brand at just 15, Zied has proven to be a successful entrepreneur growing Habits 365 into a massive streetwear empire.

A freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he is an influencer to young entrepreneurs across the world. Eli started his brand when he was 15 and has made it one of the hottest brands. He has marketed his brand to some of the biggest names in the sports and music industry including Floyd Mayweather, James Harden and Da Baby. The celebrities connect with the company’s message of positive habits year-round. “I want to inspire people. Not only with the message of Habits 365- which is to practice better habits year-round, but to show entrepreneurs that with due diligence, that they can do anything”

Building a brand organically with a positive message attached to it is impressive. He also is inspiring young kids to aspire to run a company while they are still in school makes him more than qualified to be in the list. Also, he wants to show kids that anything done with the proper drive and hard work, is possible. “My balance of school and running a business full time is a good example for these kids to look up to.”

Zachary Kayal – 24

Zachary Kayal, a 24-year-old entrepreneur, who lives in New York since he graduated from Hofstra University in 2018 with a degree in Mass Media Communications. Coming from a media studies background, Zachary always had strong communication skills along with the will to create and scale his own business. His passion has been to launch and scale his own Social Media Marketing Agency. Over the past few years, he has founded various digital marketing businesses. Zachary started Blade Marketing LLC last year and has now scaled the business to a six-figure agency. Remaining two steps ahead is the cornerstone of his business methodology and the main driving force in his continued success. Being able to see an opportunity before it becomes too saturated is why his peers flock to him for advice on an ever-changing digital landscape. Zachary believes that success is rented, never owned, and rent is due every day.

What sets Zachary apart from other entrepreneurs is how he consistently thinks outside of the box. Zachary creates his system of success and invests in his personal growth as a whole. Work hard, and work often, although never forget to live your life. He believes that it is okay to take a day off and do what you love, without balance you can never perform at your highest level.

Zachary deserves to be highlighted as a top 10 most influential entrepreneur for his ability to quickly scale his digital marketing business. Zachary is widely considered by his peers as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in his age group. An entrepreneur is only as successful as his business. Failure is something Zachary is not afraid of. He looks at failure as an opportunity to become stronger. He inspires others by showing how important it is to never quit and to apply a 110% effort to every single day. The only thing in life that can bring defeat is your decision to give up. If you never quit then success is inevitable. Zachary has been honoured with Long Island’s 30 under 30, and a spot on the prestigious list -” Top 100 People in Real Estate”.

Jordan Lintz – 23

Jordan Lintz, a high scale networker, started an eCommerce business and scaled it up to seven figures in just three years. He also started a social media agency named HighKey Agency, hitting six figures in revenue in three months. His influencer management company, HighKey Clout, nets six figures in revenue per month. The 23-year-old has great connections and is always chasing opportunities. He spends 12 hours a day developing his network.

HighKey Technology, with over 400K followers on Instagram offers quality consumer technology at affordable prices. Jordan’s clients are clearly satisfied with the service and praise him for the quality execution. A majority of his clients are based in the USA. HighKey Agency, a social media management company, creates content for real estate investors and agents. HighKey Clout, an influencer management company, offers significant follower growth on client’s Instagram through celebrity giveaways.”Influencer marketing will be the talk of the next decade.”

Jordan along with his partner will generate over one million dollar sales within one month in early 2020. Jordan believes, now that it is 2020, it is the time to grow your brand online and people should invest in it for a successful future. Working with influencers, Jordan advice, “You should always give more than you take. See both sides of the deal with a large perspective”. Jordan has earned his place on the list as he approaches challenges as his company’s building blocks. The secret of his empire is being patient and seeking new opportunities, taking advantage of them.” I did not even start paying myself with the revenue until two years”. Lintz scaled his eCommerce company, gained knowledge and connections and invested aggressively in his influencer management company.

Josh Richards – 18

Josh Richards, a TikTok star and the creator of Lil Huddy Diss track, has gathered over 20 million fans on his TikTok. He also boasts over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 6.5 million followers on Instagram. The 18-year-old sprouting musician was born in Canada and moved to the United States in January 2020. Josh then became a member of the social group, The Sway House, a creator collective in LA. He marked his first big acting roles with parts in Brother’s Keeper and Summertime Dropouts in 2018. He was inspired to be an actor from watching countless movies and now wants to inspire other kids to act as well.

Josh, the co-founder of TalentX, became the first artist to sign a recording contract joint venture, which has been dubbed TalentX Records. TalentX, the digital management company that represents top creators, launched in January 2020 has over 70 creators including Max Dressler and Jackson Felt. The company stands out because of its “Creator First” mentality. The team includes Tal Fishman, Michael Senzer, Sean Stewart and Maxwell Mitcheson.

Josh Richard also teamed up with Bryce Hall and has recently announced his new venture, an energy drink, Ani Energy. The team has developed the formula to offer a lifestyle energy drink that resonated as an alternative to Diet Coke or Red Bull. Ani is formulated with Vitamin B and green coffee beans. The drink has launched in black cherry and lemon-lime flavors. He has also joined new app Triller and signed on as an investor and chief strategy officer for the app. Josh is not just a regular TikTok star anymore, and thus deserves to be on the list for his broad based success. He is now a successful business person, ending all his live streams with “Remember to keep smiling, cause it’s what looks good on you.”


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