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The camera was hidden in a light fixture. Photo / TikTok

A US mother has shared the heartbreaking moment she discovered that her husband had installed a hidden camera to watch her teenage daughter in the shower.

The mother-of-three from Nashville posted video of her discovery to TikTok, revealing that her 16-year-old daughter was consumed by grief after learning of the vile betrayal by the man who had been her stepfather since she was two years old.

“When you’ve been with a man 14 years and you find out he’s been watching your 16yo taking showers,” she wrote on a caption accompany the video which has been viewed over 81 million times.

In a series of videos explaining her sickening find, the brave mum told how she found the camera after deciding to shower in the bathroom her daughter uses – and noticed one of the lights above the shower wasn’t working.


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She said it had worked before her husband remodelled the shower and shone her phone’s light upwards to see what sort of bulb it needed.

The camera was hidden in a light fixture. Photo / TikTok
The camera was hidden in a light fixture. Photo / TikTok

“I put my light on my camera to see what size the bulb was and I saw the lens… that’s how I found out.

“That’s my 16-year-old’s bathroom, and nobody else uses that bathroom,” she said. “I’m devastated.”


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She immediately fled the family home in fear.

“I was scared of what might happen, he might try to hurt me to cover so I couldn’t tell on him,” she said.

She vowed to let the justice system handle it and turned to protecting her daughter.

“That’s one of the hardest things I ever had to do,” she said about breaking the news to her 16-year-old.

“She was very upset, she’s really strong… but she was overwhelmed with grief.


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“She grew up with him since she was two years old and this is just something that’s not normal, it’s not normal at all.”

She shared her fear that the footage could be circulating online, a situation she labelled “our worst nightmare”.

“I pray to God in heaven above that that’s not the case, I really do. I never expected this from him.”

Horacia Minero-Hernandez. Photo / Metro Nashville Police Department
Horacia Minero-Hernandez. Photo / Metro Nashville Police Department

Local Nashville news channel Fox 17 reported that her husband, 39-year-old Horacio Minero-Hernandez, was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, especially aggravated.

The cops got their man after he admitted to his vile crimes in a conversation with his wife, which the authorities were listening in on.

In that call, he described the camera as a “mistake” and said: “When you have something wrong in your f***ing head, you just do it without thinking.”


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The rest of the family is now looking for a new place to live, with the mum saying she shared her full story to find help in their search after initially sharing the video of her discovery in “shock”.

She said her daughter was “doing pretty well” and the family would seek help for her.

“As long as she’s got me, she’ll be good and, of course, we’ll be reaching out for counselling.”


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