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A petrified parent is warning about the dangers of bathtub drain plugs — and why you should keep them out of children’s reach.

The harrowing story was anonymously shared this week on the Instagram page @tinyheartseducation, a child safety organization started by former paramedic Nikki Jurcutz and her sister, Rach Waia.

“At 4am in the morning our 4 year old son came running down to our bedroom shouting that his brother was in the bath and needed urgent help,” began the viral post.

The parents rushed to find their “cheeky” and “adventurous” 2-year-old son Archie in a fully-filled bathtub with his clothes on.

“He had pulled up a stool to climb in (he’s never climbed in on his own before) put the plug in, turned the tap on and the bath was overflowing and the bathroom was flooding,” the poster explained.

The harrowing story was anonymously shared this week on the Instagram page @tinyheartseducation.
tinyheartseducation, /INstagram
Photo of a bath plug.
The parent explained that her 2-year-old son took out the bath plug and filled up the tub.
tinyheartseducation, /INstagram

It seemed like Archie had been trying to get out of the bath for a while, his parents noted, as he was “kneeling on his knees” and falling asleep in the water by the time they got to him.

Thankfully, Archie is “absolutely fine” after getting checked out by a medical professional.

The parents say they have locked away their bath plugs, placed a lock on the bathroom door, and even installed an alarm on Archie’s door to alert them whenever he leaves his room.

The poster also encouraged other parents to be cautious about their bath plugs.

“I consider myself to be REALLY on top of child safety … every cupboard is locked, every piece of furniture is anchored or mounted to the wall and every effort is taken to ensure the safety of our kids at all time but I honestly just never though of locking away the plug,” the parent shared.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children.

There is an average of 11 drowning deaths per day in the US, and it can often happen in as little as 30 seconds, per What to Expect.

Photo of a baby and parent in a bath.
Thankfully, Archie is “absolutely fine” after getting checked out by a medical professional.
Photo of a bath drain.
Drowning is a common cause of death for children, according to the CDC.

In the comments section of the Instagram post, many parents admitted they had never thought about the hazards a bath plug could pose.

“Oh my god I have 3 kids and would never have thought to keep the plug away,” one person declared. “Thank you for sharing and so happy your 4yr old woke up.”

Another agreed, typing, “Wow, thank you for sharing. I never would have thought of this either and [our] 2yo likes to turn the tap on and off too.”

“This is something I have NEVER thought of!!!!” someone else confessed.

“This story was shared before and ever since I’ve put the plug in a place they cannot reach. I am so thankful because I would have never thought of this! I also have an adventurous child,” one user noted.

This isn’t the only helpful tip Tiny Hearts Education has recently shared.

In May, the group revealed a 1-second trick to minimize the risk of your baby choking on a piece of food.

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