Parents and Students Rallied at Correia for Safety Concerns and Due to ‘Dismissive’ Response by School Officials | #schoolsaftey

Forum at Correia Planned for Monday, Sept. 11.

Last Thursday morning, Sept 7, a group of parents and students stood outside Correia Middle School on Valeta Street before the bell rang with some holding signs that read “See something, say something,” “Believe them,” and “Zero tolerance for guns at school.”

The small rally was organized by parents concerned about reports of a gun on campus being brandished plus allegations of sexual harassment by boys from over a dozen girl students. Also, part of parents’ grief was the milquetoast response by school officials that denigrated parents’ concerns and students’ claims.

One protesting parent, Lisa Burger, told 10News:

“I’m here because we need to believe what the children say. If there was a gun seen, we need to believe that. If there is sexual harassment going on — about 13 girls stepped up and had the courage to speak about what happened to them — we need to trust them.”

After concerns were raised last week, Correia interim principal sent an email to parents that said, in part:

“We will continue to share any updates regarding the unsubstantiated threat to our campus, and unsubstantiated reports that a student had access to a weapon.”

This is the statement that parents feel was inadequate and dismissive.

ABC 10News reached out to the San Diego Unified School District regarding the alleged incidents and were referred back to the email that was sent out to parents.

The letter also said that all parents are invited to attend a forum at the school to discuss safety protocols and student expectations, on Monday, Sept. 11.


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